mark string untranslatable
[quassel.git] / po / quassel.pot
2013-11-25 Daniel Albersmark string untranslatable
2013-11-23 Daniel Albersupdate translation files according to previous commit
2013-10-10 Daniel AlbersUpdate translations from Transifex
2013-05-16 Alf GaidaNever use the expressions "allows to", "helps to",...
2013-04-16 Daniel Albersupdate translation template - adds 15 new strings
2012-06-24 Daniel AlbersUpdate translations from Transifex
2012-02-14 Daniel Albersupdate quassel.pot
2012-02-14 Daniel Albersbump © years
2012-01-24 Daniel Albersfix plurals in some translations and a typo in ChannelL...
2012-01-24 Daniel Albersproper plurals for en_US
2012-01-23 Daniel Albersmark some strings untranslatable
2012-01-23 Daniel AlbersMake .pot Transifex compliant
2012-01-23 Daniel Albersupdate quassel.pot
2012-01-22 Daniel Albersupdate quassel.pot
2012-01-22 Daniel AlbersTransifex 1.0 integration
2010-08-11 Daniel AlbersUpdate quassel.pot
2010-06-16 Tomas Chvatalupdate czech translation + regen .pot file.
2010-04-13 Daniel AlbersUpdate translations
2010-03-03 Daniel AlbersUpdate quassel.pot
2010-02-24 Daniel AlbersFix duplicate strings in gettext translations
2010-01-10 Tomas Chvatalupdate czech translation, pot file and script
2010-01-07 David PlanellaUpdated POT template, added LINGUAS file
2009-12-01 Tomáš ChvátalUpdate czech translation and regenerate .pot file.
2009-11-29 Tomáš ChvátalUpdate the .pot file to reflect latest sources.
2009-10-28 Tomáš ChvátalAdd new .pot file with instructions how to generate it.