2018-06-18 Manuel Nickschasicons: Override system icon theme by default
2018-06-18 Shane Synanclient: Fix Remote Cores marked unsaved on load
2018-06-18 Shane Synanclient: Clean up CoreAccount, add qDebug support
2018-06-18 Manuel Nickschasidentd: Remove unneeded strict attribute
2018-06-18 Manuel Nickschasidentd: Ensure sockets are deleted when disconnected
2018-06-18 Manuel Nickschasidentd: Cleanup
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Return INVALID-PORT if the parsing fails
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Move response construction to Request
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Rework lowestSocketId handling
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Simplify responseAvailable via early return
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Flatten respond's if-else chain
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Avoid a maybe-uninitialized warning
2018-06-18 Jan Alexander... identd: Turn !canReadLine into an early return
2018-06-18 Janne Koschinskiidentd: Implement --ident-port option
2018-06-18 Janne Koschinskiidentd: Implement blocking request queueing
2018-06-18 Janne Koschinskiidentd: Initial draft of integrated ident daemon
2018-06-18 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix typo
2018-06-17 Shane Synanclient: Use QT_VERSION for 'enum class' fallback
2018-06-17 Shane Synandocs: Move SQL schema to README.md, add more help
2018-06-17 Shane Synandocs: Revert '–' to '--' in root README.md
2018-06-17 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix typo in #ifdef
2018-06-17 Manuel Nickschasicons: Don't offer the Oxygen fallback if not enabled...
2018-06-17 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update icons/README.md to match reality
2018-06-17 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update bundled icon themes
2018-06-17 Manuel Nickschasicons: Warn on missing icons
2018-06-17 Shane Synandocs: Simplify README.md, add help, downloads
2018-06-16 Svetlana TkachenkoExclude ignored messages in Away Log
2018-06-16 Manuel Nickschascmake: Enable ccache by default, if available
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: UiStyle.h use "enum" for Qt4, cleanup
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: Remove unused highlight UI translations
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: Clean up chatviewsettingspage.ui
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: ChatViewSettings check before reload Qss
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: Highest sender prefix mode, migrate, fix
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: add FontSelector SettingsPage::hasChanged
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: Fix SettingsPage::hasChanged() failure
2018-06-16 Shane Synanclient: Fix settings migration fallthrough
2018-06-16 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix build for KDE4
2018-06-16 Ken MooreClean up High-DPI scaling options
2018-06-16 Shane Synanmono: "Import Legacy" for import local highlights
2018-06-16 romibiRemove unused quassel.icns
2018-06-16 romibiAutogenerate icns from png iconset for app bundle
2018-06-15 Shane Synanclient: Update welcome logo with new logo, shadow
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Rework the attention state behavior of the tray...
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix duplication of tray icon with StatusNotifier
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Hide "fallback" and "Override" if no system theme...
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Don't show config for DockManager if not available
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Show core connection dialog only after initialization
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Fix icons not showing for format color buttons
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix tooltip and change wording in Appearance...
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Properly update tray icons
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Refactor the system tray implementations
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Add hicolor fallback for Qt < 5.5
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Switch to tray-specific icons
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Use icon names in tray implementations
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update application icon
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Clean up SystemTray
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Fix icon theme support for StatusNotifierItem
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasinterfaces: Fix types in SNI interfaces, remove old...
2018-06-15 Daniel AlbersFix notification icon not appearing in Unity
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Install Quassel-specific icons in hicolor for Qt4
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschascmake: Clean up icon-related build options
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix icons in the AboutDlg
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Set proper icon for "About Quassel" menu option
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Set default window icon independent of connection...
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix icon loading and improve icon theme support
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasqa: Use override in QtUi
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Use more common names for irc-channel-* icons
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Fix message-quassel-tray-inverted icon
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update bundled Breeze and Breeze Dark icon themes
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Adapt and improve icon import script
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Remove obsolete hicolor icons
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Reorganize icon directories
2018-06-15 romibiAdd a README to the icons folder
2018-06-15 romibiUpdate qrc's for new Icons and update Import Script
2018-06-15 romibiUpdate Quassel-Icons based on justjannes icon-repo
2018-06-15 romibiShip light and dark Breeze Icon theme by default
2018-06-14 romibiMove systray animation settings to notification setting...
2018-06-14 romibiSplit systray notification backend
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Properly fix the SettingsDlg layout
2018-06-06 Shane Synanmono: Move Local Highlights -> Legacy Highlights
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschasmono: Show a popup during database migration
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschasmono: Run the internal core in a separate thread
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascore: Only load translations if running stand-alone
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascore: Properly parent QObject-derived attributes
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascore: Change signature of Core::syncTimer()
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascommon: Make InternalPeer (more) thread-safe
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascore: Use QCoreApplication::exit() instead of just...
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascore: Simplify core initialization logic
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascommon: Ensure the custom config path is stored as...
2018-06-06 Manuel Nickschascommon: Set umask in main() instead of Core::init()
2018-06-06 Manuel NickschasRemove ancient settings migration code
2018-06-06 Shane Synanclient: Remap "Reload Stylesheet" to Ctrl+Shift+R
2018-06-06 Shane Synanclient: Add keyboard shortcuts for formatting
2018-06-06 Shane Synanclient: Add input tooltips, clear format, cleanup
2018-06-06 Shane Synanclient: Clarify QKeySequence::Quit matter in docs
2018-06-06 Shane Synancore: Save schema version for intermediate steps
2018-06-06 Shane Synancommon: Add '$i:identd', '*' for empty, tooltips
2018-06-06 Shane Synancore: Include timezone for CTCP TIME replies
2018-06-06 Shane Synancommon: Sort user prefix channelmodes on add/set
2018-06-06 Shane SynanRename strict-ident, apply to non-identd response