2018-05-23 Shane Synancore: Fix SQLite realname/avatarurl handling
2018-05-23 Janne KoschinskiImplement sender realname/avatarurl storage
2018-05-23 Janne Koschinskiprotocol: Implement 64-bit message timestamps
2018-05-23 Janne KoschinskiStore highlight status per buffer coreside
2018-05-23 Michael MarleyPersist Blowfish keys in the database
2018-05-17 Manuel Nickschascore: Avoid confusing log message when legacy client...
2018-05-07 Janne KoschinskiFixes the Highlight Rule Manager
2018-05-07 Manuel NickschasSome cleanups
2018-05-07 Michael MarleyCache strict sysident mappings
2018-05-07 Michael MarleyAdd strict-oidentd mode
2018-05-07 Michael MarleyAdd support for Elliptic Curve keys for CertFP
2018-05-03 Manuel Nickschascmake: Fix build with Qt 5.11
2018-05-03 romibiImprove channel navigation shortcut in some cases
2018-05-01 genius3000core: handleMode: Fix persistent modes reset
2018-04-26 Janne KoschinskiFix support for extended features on Qt4
2018-04-26 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2018-04-26 Manuel NickschasUpdate AboutData
2018-04-23 Michael MarleyReject clients that attempt to login before the core...
2018-04-23 Janne KoschinskiImplement custom deserializer to add our own sanity...
2018-04-12 Manuel Nickschasuisupport: Forcefully disable horizontal scrollbar...
2018-04-10 Manuel Nickschascmake: Add exception handling support to MSVC compile...
2018-04-10 Manuel NickschasSemi-yearly copyright bump
2018-04-09 romibiPackage Mac Style plugin (for Qt 5.10+)
2018-04-05 Michael MarleyPostgreSqlStorage: Fix apparently-incorrect index in...
2018-04-05 Michael MarleySslServer: Add support for Elliptic Curve keys
2018-04-05 phuzionChange HTTP links to HTTPS for quassel-irc.org and...
2018-04-05 Shane Synancore: Fix CAP REQ display for SASL only supported
2018-04-05 romibiLock Toolbars too
2018-04-05 romibiLock Buffer- and Nick-Lists too
2018-04-05 Manuel Nickschasclient: Remove unused attribute
2018-04-05 Manuel Nickschasqa: Replace [[fallthrough]] by [[clang::fallthrough]]
2018-04-05 Daniel SilverstoneCorrect issue where messages were over-trimmed
2018-03-28 Svetlana TkachenkoSupport $i:account in aliases
2018-03-28 Svetlana TkachenkoSupport $i:ident in aliases
2018-03-28 Manuel Nickschasclient: Avoid warning for unused argument
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiFix compile error with Qt4
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiMake /list open the Channel List dialog
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiIgnore self messages
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiPer default, set local nick highlight to none
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiPer popular request, always enable local highlights
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiFix an issue where empty elements were shown in the...
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiOnly enable the relevant highlight depending on core...
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiAdd an import button to import local rules into the...
2018-03-28 Janne KoschinskiDisable the highlights page when not connected
2018-03-28 Manuel Nickschascommon: Set sourcePeer() also for internal (mono) conne...
2018-03-26 Manuel Nickschascommon: Represent core/client features as string list...
2018-03-26 Manuel Nickschascommon: Make the Quassel class a proper singleton,...
2018-03-15 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Ignore format code for Monospace
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Support rendering of strikethrough'd text
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Support reverse color rendering
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Define via stylesheet if color codes have...
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Support rendering of hex colors
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Fix weird way of registering Qt types
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Support extended mIRC colors
2018-03-08 Manuel Nickschasuistyle: Add more type-safety to UiStyle, and clean...
2018-03-07 Michael MarleyUpdate stripFormatCodes() for additional formatting...
2018-03-01 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Disable DCC features until they're ready for publi...
2018-03-01 Manuel Nickschasproxy: Actually fix settings migration logic
2018-03-01 Javier LlorenteReorder includes alphabetically
2018-03-01 Javier LlorenteMove account details out of 'ManualProxy'
2018-03-01 Javier LlorenteUpdate VERSION_MINOR_CURRENT, realign spaces for commen...
2018-03-01 Javier LlorenteAdd case 4 for new proxy type default value
2018-03-01 Javier LlorenteAdd system proxy support for quassel-client
2018-02-27 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Avoid bogus tr() context warning
2018-02-27 Janne KoschinskiFix compile error with Qt4
2018-02-27 Janne KoschinskiImplement /ignore functionality
2018-02-27 Janne KoschinskiPolish session list UI
2018-02-27 Janne KoschinskiTransmit feature flag for remote disconnecting with...
2018-02-27 Janne KoschinskiIntroduce feature flag for remote disconnecting
2018-02-27 Hannah von... Use craft on appveyor
2018-02-27 Manuel Nickschasuisupport: Also fix doubleclick in nick views
2018-02-27 Manuel Nickschasuisupport: Join channels on doubleclick on all but...
2018-02-05 Shane Synanclient: Fix Chat Monitor missing sender brackets
2018-02-04 romibiPackage bearer plugin on OSX
2018-02-04 romibiFix OSX compile and deploy
2018-02-04 Shane Synancommon: Fix typo in Network::capAvailable() docs
2018-02-04 Shane Synancore: Stop ratelimiting log spam with old client
2018-02-04 genius3000Remove old 'remove buffer' KeyPress code
2018-02-04 Albert Score: connectToIrc: Add clarifying comment on DNS lookups
2018-02-04 Albert Score: connectToIrc: Prevent DNS leaks on connection...
2018-01-03 Daniel AlbersExplicitly disable printing signatures when running git
2017-12-21 Sven Andersoncore: Add SQLite backlog idx: bufferid, messageid
2017-12-21 Manuel NickschasOnly enable sender prefix option if the core supports...
2017-12-21 Manuel NickschasMinor cleanups
2017-12-21 Janne KoschinskiImplement UI and serialization logic for sender modes
2017-12-21 Janne KoschinskiReplace Protocol::Handler enum with enum class
2017-12-20 Manuel NickschasMinor cleanups for core-side highlight feature
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiStore the HighlightNickType as int instead of custom...
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiFix an issue where the table headers were invisible
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiRedesign the core highlight settings page
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiImplement sender matching for highlight rules
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiImplement inverse highlight rules
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiFix an issue with QStringList being declared differentl...
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiFix a potential crash
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiImplement UI for core-side highlights
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiImplement core-side highlights
2017-12-20 Florent CastelliAdd 'twitch.tv/membership' capability for Twitch.tv
2017-12-19 Adriaan de... Only install the application icon if the client is...
2017-12-19 Manuel Nickschascmake: Use unquoted variables
2017-12-19 Manuel NickschasDon't return const refs from methods