update translations from transifex + minor corrections
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2012-01-22 Daniel Albersupdate translations from transifex + minor corrections
2010-09-14 johul10n: Updated Italian (it) translation to 98%
2010-08-11 Marco Paoloneupdate Italian translations
2010-05-04 Marco Paoloneupdate Italian translation
2010-02-25 Marco PaoloneUpdate italian translations
2010-02-24 Daniel AlbersFix duplicate strings in gettext translations
2010-02-03 Marco PaoloneUpdate italian translations
2010-01-17 Marco Paoloneupdate italian translations
2010-01-07 David PlanellaMerged duplicate msgid and translations with msguniq
2010-01-07 Daniel Albersrename translation files to <2 letter ISO code>.po