2009-01-09 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing cmake files
2009-01-09 Marcus EggenbergerQuassel no longer gets a nervous breakdown when you...
2009-01-07 Manuel NickschasMore properly rename the 'Zoom Original' action, and...
2009-01-06 Kevin FunkFix typo
2009-01-06 Edward HadesUpdated Russian translation.
2009-01-06 Manuel NickschasUpdated Turkish translation, thanks to H. İbrahim Güngör
2009-01-06 Marcus EggenbergerSignalProxy++ // now leaner and meaner than ever before!
2009-01-06 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing wrong usage of QList::erase(QList::iterator...
2009-01-06 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing request -> receive sync calls
2009-01-06 Marcus EggenbergerInternal cleanup of the SignalProxy.
2009-01-05 Marcus Eggenbergerseparate status buffer item is now only available when...
2009-01-05 Marcus Eggenbergerdon't display processing time for empty message list
2009-01-05 Marcus Eggenbergerbufferviews are now saved periodically
2009-01-05 Marcus EggenbergerThe new 'All Buffers' view is no properly presorted.
2009-01-05 Manuel NickschasNotification backends now can emit a signal activated...
2009-01-05 Marcus EggenbergerAll Buffers is dead! Long live All buffers!
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasInitialize _autoWidgetsChanged *cough*
2009-01-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing default indentation for bufferviews
2009-01-04 Marcus EggenbergerThe Monolithic build behaves now like a regular IRC...
2009-01-04 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving the sync dialog from mono build
2009-01-04 Marcus EggenbergerRemoving core related items from menu and statusbar
2009-01-04 Marcus EggenbergerFixing Bug #446 - Issues with the nick selector
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasImprove ColorButton to render properly, adhering to...
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasProperly stop #nnn from being clickable
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasShow right subpage in BacklockSettingsPage at start
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasMake BacklogSettingsPage use the new automatic child...
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasIntroduce automagic child widget handling in SettingsPage
2009-01-04 Tomas ChvatalMake kde stuff speak in localized manner, also remove...
2009-01-03 Tomas Chvatalmore czech linguas updates.
2009-01-03 Tomas ChvatalPass 3 of czech linguas.
2009-01-03 Manuel NickschasMark taskbar entry by default when using knotify
2009-01-03 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing issues after a failed connect to irc
2009-01-03 Tomas ChvatalUpdate cs language bit more.
2009-01-03 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing indentation issues in the bufferview
2009-01-03 Manuel NickschasFix window title for SettingsDlg as well, make translat...
2009-01-03 Sebastian GothFix menu names according to seele's review p.16
2009-01-03 Sebastian GothProvide correct windowTitle in dedicated SettingsPageDl...
2009-01-02 Manuel NickschasAdd scarabeus to AboutDlg
2009-01-02 Tomas ChvatalAdd czech linguas. First pass. Only basics, dont be...
2009-01-02 Manuel NickschasWork around a QRegExp bug where a `\b never seems to...
2009-01-02 Manuel NickschasImprovements in the build system
2009-01-02 Manuel NickschasImprove channelname recognition a bit (don't make ...
2009-01-02 Manuel NickschasFix order of -I directives to include our own dirs...
2009-01-02 Marcus Eggenbergerbuffers can now be repositioned in the bufferview again...
2009-01-01 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing the schema version for newly created sqlite dbs
2009-01-01 Marcus EggenbergerIntroducing an edit mode to the bufferviews.
2008-12-31 Kevin FunkUpdate German translation
2008-12-31 Kevin FunkFix some strings in settingspages
2008-12-31 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing a bug related to wait in combination with aliase...
2008-12-30 Manuel NickschasDust off README a bit
2008-12-30 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving debug output
2008-12-30 Marcus Eggenberger/* no comment */
2008-12-30 Marcus Eggenbergerperformance boost for inital backlog replay when using...
2008-12-30 Marcus EggenbergerWait for it...
2008-12-30 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving debug output
2008-12-30 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing a big oopsie that would cause the creation of...
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergerchanges to identities are now saved again properly
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergermaking the latest schema evolution failsafe
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving deprecated stuff
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergerintroducing query merging (per drag & drop). needs...
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergeryou can now rename query buffers
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergerrecreating some indexes that were lost in an upgrade
2008-12-26 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving debug output
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasChangeLog++
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasMake --norestore work again
2008-12-26 Marcus Eggenbergeroopsie, making CoreCertManager::setId() a slot again
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasSome more fixes
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasChangeLog++
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasAdd shortcuts edit dialog for KDEified Quassel
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasSupport KAction and KActionCollection
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasProvide "Configure Notifications..." menu entry, to...
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasFix hasDefaults() for NotificationsSettingsPage
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasAdding KNotify support to Quassel
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasSome more info for KAboutData
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasAdd "About KDE" to help menu
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasSupport KIcon and KIconLoader
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasFixes
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasUse KCmdLineArgs, KApplication and KMainWindow
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasMake quasselcore link to kdelibs as well if -DWITH_KDE...
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasMake _mainWin a QPointer, to avoid problems with double...
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasEnable KDE support in the build system
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasFix compile warnings, remove unneeded exception handlers
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasFix compile warnings
2008-12-25 Marcus Eggenbergeradding tons of ifdefs so quassel will build again witho...
2008-12-25 Marcus Eggenbergerputting it all together: core is now capable to connect...
2008-12-25 Marcus Eggenbergerapplying new server definitions to storage backend
2008-12-25 Marcus Eggenbergermigrating identities from QSettings to the storage...
2008-12-25 Marcus Eggenbergerssl cert and key can now be configured per drag & drop
2008-12-25 Marcus Eggenbergeradded SignalProxy::isSecure() to determine if all conne...
2008-12-25 Marcus EggenbergerFinalizing changes to the identities interface -> break...
2008-12-25 Marcus EggenbergerAdding proxy support to the core
2008-12-25 Marcus EggenbergerMerging NetworkConnection into CoreNetwork.
2008-12-20 Manuel NickschasAdd igungor to aboutdlg.cpp
2008-12-20 Manuel NickschasAdd turkish translation
2008-12-20 ZRegisFrench Translation for new chatmonitor
2008-12-20 ZRegisUpdate French Translation 2d part
2008-12-20 ZRegisUpdate French Translation
2008-12-20 Manuel NickschasChangeLog++
2008-12-20 Manuel NickschasMake the Opt-In/Out widget work correctly
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasAdd direct access to chatmon configuration to context...