The context menu "hide events" in the bufferviews are now working.
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2008-10-24 Marcus EggenbergerThe context menu "hide events" in the bufferviews are...
2008-10-22 Manuel NickschasTrim network name on edit
2008-10-22 Manuel NickschasMatch clickables case insensitive, fixes BR #363
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerprohibit multiple executions of Quassel::init()
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerhiding internal connection mode in client only build
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly identifying the internal/admin user
2008-10-21 Marcus EggenbergerMonolithic build features now zero setup configuration...
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly handling disconnects - this might even fix...
2008-10-21 Marcus EggenbergerSignalProxy takes now owner ship of passed iodevices...
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing dependencies to core. MonolithicApplication...
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerstarting the internal core on demand
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerreenabling disconnect on timeout for iodevice connections
2008-10-21 Marcus EggenbergerFirst working version of internal core connection.
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergeronly sending heartbeat on socket connections
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergercore can now accept a signalproxy as a client
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergermaking signalproxy direct connection thread safe
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergeradapting to the new peer types
2008-10-21 Marcus EggenbergerSignalProxy internal redesign.
2008-10-21 Manuel NickschasMake custom highlights work again
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasReworking highlighting a bit
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasUhm, note to self: remove debug stuff after debugging...
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasForgot some more instances of QtUiSettings vs. UiSettings
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasMake that ugly virtual scrollbar bug workaround 4px...
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasUse QtUiSettings for QtUi-related stuff, rather than...
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasImproving URL detection regexp
2008-10-19 Manuel NickschasAdding newline to version.gen.
2008-10-19 Manuel NickschasFixing default layout issues with MainWin, closing...
2008-10-19 Daniel AlbersInputLine history handling improved
2008-10-17 Manuel NickschasShow LockDock action in menu again
2008-10-17 Manuel NickschasActually kill mainwin.ui
2008-10-17 Manuel NickschasAction pimping, MainWin cleansing, deuification
2008-10-17 Alexander von RentelnAdded keyboard shortcut (ctrl+l) to focus input line.
2008-10-16 Marcus Eggenbergeradding debuing output to find the source for that qUnco...
2008-10-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing client crash on disconnect
2008-10-16 Marcus EggenbergerSpliting the functionality of setWidth into 3 separate...
2008-10-16 Marcus Eggenbergernaming convention
2008-10-16 Marcus EggenbergerDisabling SceneIndex during resizing.
2008-10-14 Marcus EggenbergerFinally fixing the WebPreview crash bug. As a result...
2008-10-13 Marcus Eggenbergerpostcondition checks for insertions into the chatscene
2008-10-13 Manuel NickschasWupps. Make compile without D-Bus again.
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasMake position hints configurable again
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasAdd TaskbarNotificationBackend
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasMake systray animation work
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasComplete and pimp DesktopNotificationBackend.
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasNote to self: a QSet is not ordered.
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasChange NotificationsSettingsPage such that it plugs...
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasMoar cleanups
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasRemoving deprecated notification cruft from MainWin
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasAdd DesktopNotificationBackend
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasAdd SystrayNotificationBackend (untested yet and still...
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasAdd AbstractNotificationBackend to allow for a more...
2008-10-12 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly handling message lists where no message surviv...
2008-10-12 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly fixing dupes
2008-10-12 Marcus Eggenbergershould fix jussios isues
2008-10-12 Marcus EggenbergerMór
2008-10-12 Marcus Eggenbergeradding debug output to the messagemodel
2008-10-12 Marcus Eggenbergeradded debug operator: QDebug operator<<(QDebug dbg...
2008-10-12 Marcus EggenbergerDisabling indexing in the ChatScene as a workaround...
2008-10-12 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing weired behavior and/or crashes for dynamic backl...
2008-10-11 Marcus Eggenbergerjust some internal clean up
2008-10-09 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing a bug in the messagemodel
2008-10-06 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing auto scroll issues when chatlines are inserted...
2008-10-06 Marcus Eggenbergeruse cluebat with day change message
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerhope this properly removes the preview from the scene...
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasClear fontMetrics cache on setFormat()
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasCleanup
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasMake StyledMessage more (space) efficient, clean up...
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasRemove legacy core/client protocol version checks
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasMake git revision in AboutDlg link to our gitweb
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasRedesign genversion and make only main.cpp depend on it
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing crash when handling numeric reply 331 (RPL_NOTOP...
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerthis should fix a crash when the searchbar is about...
2008-10-04 Marcus EggenbergerWebPreview is now delayed by 2 seconds.
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing crashes due to missing private data of chatitems
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing wrong positioning of items (fixes overlapping...
2008-10-01 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly hiding day change messages at the top of a...
2008-10-01 Marcus Eggenbergersmall fixes
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing crash on disconnect
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergeradding Message::Self flag to /me style messages
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergerhiding daychange messages at the top of the buffer
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing just introduced faulty backlog replay
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergerinternal debug helpers for chatitems
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergernew message line no longer grows with the item height
2008-09-30 Marcus EggenbergerYou've all been waiting for it: day change messages!
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly fixing inserting and deleting chatlines at...
2008-09-28 Manuel NickschasRemove obsolete icons that were just kept around until...
2008-09-28 Manuel NickschasRevert "Try to fix icons not being found on some systems"
2008-09-28 Manuel NickschasFix built-in Oxygen support
2008-09-28 Manuel NickschasTry to fix icons not being found on some systems
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing mac os build and deploy scripts
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing a typo in an include and properly making qwebkit...
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergeradded missing files
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergergiving the chatscene more control over the webpreview...
2008-09-28 Manuel NickschasMove generated binaries back in the root directory
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergerimproved web preview removinatings
2008-09-27 Manuel NickschasMake app icon larger again
2008-09-27 Marcus Eggenbergermaking webkit optional
2008-09-27 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing merge aftermath
2008-09-27 Marcus Eggenbergerhovering over a url now shows a thumbnail preview
2008-09-27 Manuel NickschasProvide a fallback in case XDG_DATA_DIRS is not set