Fix expanding networks in Chat Monitor settings
[quassel.git] / src / uisupport / bufferview.h
2017-04-13 Shane SynanFix expanding networks in Chat Monitor settings
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkAdd action/shortcut to use the buffer filter/search
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkMake the buffer search optional, disable by default
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkAdd buffer filtering support.
2016-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #198 - IRCv3 improvements
2016-06-15 Manuel NickschasSome cleanups
2016-06-15 romibiRefactoring: Pull Up Duplicate Code
2016-06-15 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Buffer-View
2016-06-06 Manuel NickschasBring copyright headers into 2016
2016-04-01 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #168 from esainane/irssi-msg-escape
2016-03-31 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #165 from esainane/coreinfo-dirty...
2016-02-28 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #136 from sandsmark/sonnet
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #178 from TheOneRing/fix_snore_crash
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #177 from justjanne/patch-1
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #175 from ayonix/ssl-fix
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasFix issues with buffer selection and filtered views
2015-02-07 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #97 from Bombe/focus-host-input
2015-02-07 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #104 from mamarley/disconnectdesyncfix
2015-02-05 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #102 from mamarley/qcaqt5
2015-02-05 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #105 from merlin1991/qdatastream
2015-01-02 Manuel NickschasHappy New Year!
2014-03-26 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #64 from TheOneRing/warnings
2014-03-24 Manuel NickschasQTreeView::dataChanged() signature changed in Qt5
2014-01-01 Manuel NickschasHappy New Year!
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #1 from sandsmark/master
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #5 from Tucos/feat-keyx
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #2 from sandsmark/wii
2013-01-27 Manuel NickschasYearly bump
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasFix ALL the license headers!
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasReformat ALL the source!
2012-02-14 Daniel Albersbump © years
2012-02-14 Chris Le SueurAdd a shortcut for hiding current buffer.
2010-08-05 Manuel NickschasAdd rudimentary keyboard navigation for previous/next...
2010-08-05 Manuel NickschasSave/restore active bufferview
2010-08-05 Manuel NickschasIntroduce the concept of an "active" bufferview
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasThrow out unneeded font setters, adapt to ItemViewSettings
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasStyle BufferView via UiStyle
2009-03-24 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'bufferviewoverlay'
2009-03-24 Marcus Eggenbergeractivating a view pulls in needed backlog for the displ...
2009-03-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfirst working BufferViewOverlay
2009-02-17 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing auto expand issues with new networks
2009-02-16 Manuel NickschasMove font settings to general appearance settingspage
2009-02-14 Marcus Eggenbergerfixes #531 - changing buffer view colors needs client...
2009-02-03 Marcus EggenbergerBrining back the removed color options
2009-02-01 Marcus EggenbergerBufferView colors are now determined by it's delegate...
2009-01-26 Marcus Eggenbergerfixes BR #475
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasYearly copyright bump :)
2009-01-11 Manuel NickschasRevert "Properly focus BufferView on first click"
2009-01-11 Manuel NickschasProperly focus BufferView on first click
2009-01-05 Marcus EggenbergerAll Buffers is dead! Long live All buffers!
2009-01-01 Marcus EggenbergerIntroducing an edit mode to the bufferviews.
2008-12-29 Marcus Eggenbergerintroducing query merging (per drag & drop). needs...
2008-11-30 Manuel NickschasRip old context menu handling out of BufferView, replac...
2008-11-30 Manuel NickschasRework the context menu action handling in BufferView
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasAdd accessor for the All Buffers view to MainWin
2008-11-17 Marcus Eggenbergernick changes and day changes can now be hidden too
2008-10-24 Marcus EggenbergerThe context menu "hide events" in the bufferviews are...
2008-08-30 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving unneeded semicolons after Qt macros - making...
2008-06-24 Marcus EggenbergerBufferView no longer reacts on layoutChanged() as this...
2008-06-23 Marcus EggenbergerImplemented a channel browser (BR #176).
2008-05-26 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r859 with trunk
2008-05-21 Manuel NickschasMake BufferView compile
2008-05-20 Marcus Eggenbergermerging branches/0.2/0.2@r44 with trunk
2008-05-08 Manuel NickschasMerging r812:820 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-05 Marcus Eggenberger- It's now possible to select multiple buffers at once...
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasMerging -r804:811 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-03 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing custom buffer views with minimum activity
2008-04-24 Manuel NickschasMerging r780:786 from trunk to branches/0.3. Plus some...
2008-04-21 Marcus Eggenbergeractive and inactive networks are now expanded and colla...
2008-04-18 Manuel NickschasMerging r774:778 from trunk into branches/0.3. Forwardp...
2008-04-18 Marcus Eggenbergernewly joined buffers are now selected properly
2008-04-18 Marcus Eggenbergerfixed bufferswitches when using different buffer views
2008-04-13 Manuel NickschasMerging r730:732 from trunk to branches/0.3. Forwardpor...
2008-04-13 Marcus EggenbergerIntroducing the all-new all-fancy bufferviews.
2008-02-27 Marcus Eggenberger- Buffer and NickViews have now sane sizeHints() so...
2008-02-24 Marcus EggenbergerYou can now switch buffers via mousewhell, when the...
2008-02-18 Manuel NickschasAdding a context menu for permanent removal of buffers.
2008-01-19 Manuel NickschasFinally! All *Id types are now first-class types rather...
2008-01-05 Manuel NickschasFix license headers: Quassel IRC Team -> Quassel Projec...
2008-01-01 Marcus Eggenbergeras a result of semi boredom and since it bugged me...
2007-11-29 Manuel NickschasMaking Quassel slowly ready for its first release...
2007-11-12 Manuel NickschasMoved BufferView and BufferViewFilter to uisupport...