Fix build error if QCA2 isn't around
[quassel.git] / src / uisupport / CMakeLists.txt
2012-04-01 Manuel NickschasFix build error if QCA2 isn't around
2012-04-01 Manuel NickschasAdd support for Qt5 in the build system
2012-01-20 Manuel NickschasWe really don't want to depend on qtui in uisupport
2012-01-20 Bas PapeMake tabcompletion key configurable via shortcuts....
2010-07-22 Johannes Huberincluded qca2 into build system
2009-08-22 Manuel NickschasMove Clickable out of ContentsChatItem
2009-08-21 Manuel NickschasIntroducing StyledLabel
2009-08-16 Manuel NickschasIntroduce multi-line editing for the inputline
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasAdd a FontSelector widget
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasMake UiStyle a QObject
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasMove QssParser out of UiStyle
2009-05-21 Marcus EggenbergerAlt-A
2009-05-21 Marcus EggenbergerNew FlatProxyModel
2009-03-24 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'bufferviewoverlay'
2009-03-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfirst working BufferViewOverlay
2009-02-06 Manuel NickschasAdd ToolBarActionProvider as another specialization...
2009-02-06 Manuel NickschasSplit action handling and helper stuff from ContextMenu...
2009-02-06 Manuel NickschasIntroduce GraphicalUi (between QtUi and AbstractUi...
2009-02-04 Manuel NickschasRemove obsolete file
2009-01-10 Manuel NickschasReworking CliParser to allow building quasselcore alway...
2008-11-30 Manuel NickschasIntroduce NetworkModelActionProvider
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasAdd AbstractNotificationBackend to allow for a more...
2008-09-22 Manuel NickschasAdd Icon and IconLoader
2008-09-20 Manuel NickschasAdd ActionCollection to group and manage (Q)Actions.
2008-09-20 Manuel NickschasAction enhances QAction with a subset of KDE's KAction...
2008-08-06 Manuel NickschasConsolidate UiStyleSettings into uisettings.h
2008-08-04 Manuel NickschasFix some warnings
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasRemoving the old ChatWidget and related stuff from...
2008-07-02 Marcus EggenbergerFixing Topic Widget (vertical centering, scrolling...
2008-06-15 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'master' of
2008-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-08 Manuel NickschasHEADERS -> MOC_HDRS and adding non-moccable files to...
2008-06-08 Manuel NickschasFixing parallel makes.
2008-06-06 Manuel NickschasSay hello (again) to CMake!