Implement core-side highlights
[quassel.git] / src / qtui /
2017-12-20 Janne KoschinskiImplement core-side highlights
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiImplement changes requested in review
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiRemove the session area when empty; improved dialog...
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiImprovements to fix the build and for Doxygen
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiRemove debug message
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiMake the UI actually emit the required signal
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiImplement a basic UI for showing connected clients
2017-12-19 Janne KoschinskiAdd initial implementation for showing and kicking...
2017-12-19 Manuel Nickschasqa: Add [[fallthrough]] annotations where appropriate
2017-09-04 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Add missing include
2017-09-03 Manuel Nickschascommon: Make frequently called util methods more efficient
2017-08-31 Shane SynanDefault to unread backlog fetch if not changed
2017-08-30 Manuel NickschasFix layout issues in CoreConfigWizard; cleanup
2017-08-30 Manuel NickschasRework the handling of storage/auth backends and config
2017-05-27 Manuel Nickschasldap: Don't use the backend's display name as identifier
2017-05-27 Manuel Nickschasldap: ConnectionProperties -> AuthProperties
2017-05-27 Manuel Nickschasldap: Some cleanups for GH-170
2017-05-27 Ben RosserAuthenticator code cleanup as per review
2017-05-27 Ben RosserMake authenticator changes to protocol backwards-compatible
2017-05-27 Ben RosserImplement authenticator class used for logging in users
2017-04-13 romibiFix Icon fallback issue
2017-04-13 György BallóFix handling systray notifications
2017-04-13 Shane SynanShow timestamp format tooltips when core supports
2017-04-13 Marcin JabrzykOptionally include timestamp when entering away
2017-04-13 Shane SynanClarify settings migration logic comments
2017-04-12 Shane SynanFix SASL appearing active when Use SASL unchecked
2017-04-12 Shane SynanUse label and Details button, check if connected
2017-04-12 Shane SynanEncourage SASL over NickServ when server supports
2017-04-12 Shane SynanHide the SASL EXTERNAL notice while loading
2017-04-12 Shane SynanNew default sender colors!
2017-04-12 Shane SynanDetect and label changes from ourself
2017-04-12 Shane SynanOptionally color nicknames in all messages
2017-04-12 Shane SynanSwitch sender colors to use color palette
2017-04-12 Shane SynanOptionally use system locale for chat timestamp
2017-04-12 Shane SynanChange ChannelMsg default to match system default
2017-04-12 Shane SynanMake ErrorMsg color distinct from ServerMsg
2017-04-12 Shane SynanChange CommandMsg color from purple to gray
2016-10-13 Shane SynanFix hang for single result search after others
2016-10-13 Shane SynanEnable per-chat history, line wrap by default
2016-10-13 Ben RosserDefault to sqlite backend in core creation wizard
2016-10-08 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Add settings page for DCC configuration dcc
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Only show file receive dialog for new transfers
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Protect DCC file transfer support by a feature...
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Add rudimentary view for file transfers
2016-09-20 Manuel NickschasUpdate ThanksTo in the AboutDlg
2016-09-19 Bernhard ScheirleUpdates old links/urls in the about dialog
2016-09-14 romibiEnable Nick Toolbar
2016-09-14 Bernhard ScheirleOnly load the `EnableSpellCheck` setting for KDE4 users.
2016-09-14 Bernhard ScheirlePrevent the spelling highlighter from disabling itself
2016-09-14 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X allow minimize on close
2016-09-14 romibiChange Icons
2016-09-14 romibiAdd "Connect to Core" and "Disconnect from Core" button...
2016-09-13 Shane SynanImplement custom rate limits
2016-09-07 Manuel NickschasMake Breeze the default icon theme
2016-09-07 romibiAdd Settings option to choose from bundled Icon Themes
2016-09-07 Shane SynanAdd spacers to Chat & Nick Lists settings page
2016-09-07 Shane SynanAdd horizontal spacer to Appearance settings page
2016-09-07 Shane SynanAuto-resize Settings to fit wide widgets
2016-09-07 romibiFix cmd+Q invalidating the layout somehow
2016-09-07 Rolf Eike BeerRemove arguments of CMake's else() and endif() commands
2016-09-06 Hannah von RethDon't redefine activated signal.
2016-09-06 Hannah von RethOnly register deregister quassel with snore if it wasn...
2016-09-06 Shane SynanReload SSL certificates on signal SIGHUP
2016-09-06 Shane SynanAdd spacers to Chat View Colors settings page
2016-09-06 Shane SynanMove Chat View colors to new settings page
2016-09-06 Shane SynanSettings upgrade logic, classic for old installs
2016-09-06 Shane SynanDefault nick/action color on, sender brackets off
2016-09-06 Shane SynanOptionally color sender nicks in Action messages
2016-09-06 Shane SynanAdd brackets to timestamp when copying if hidden
2016-09-06 Shane SynanMake sender brackets configurable, on by default
2016-09-06 Daniel AlbersRemove displayed brackets around sender nicks
2016-09-06 romibiFix crash if topic has a CarriageReturn
2016-09-05 Shane SynanSync default port with Use encrypted connection
2016-09-05 Shane SynanOptionally verify SSL connection to IRC servers
2016-09-05 Shane SynanStrip format codes when checking for highlights
2016-09-05 romibiFix WebPreview not updating when using QtWebEngine
2016-09-05 romibiUse QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit if available
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkRemove default keybinding for showing/hiding menubar
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkCreate a custom popup menu for mainwindow, add menubar...
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkAdd action/shortcut to use the buffer filter/search
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkMake the buffer search optional, disable by default
2016-09-05 Martin T. H. SandsmarkAdd buffer filtering support.
2016-07-03 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #226 - Fix touch pads being handled...
2016-07-03 romibiCheck touch device type on TouchEvents
2016-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #198 - IRCv3 improvements
2016-06-15 Manuel NickschasSome cleanups
2016-06-15 romibiDocumentation
2016-06-15 romibiChange Selection Behaviour
2016-06-15 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Chat-View
2016-06-13 Manuel NickschasC++11ify QtMultimedia notification backend
2016-06-13 Hendrik LeppkesImplement QtMultimedia notification backend
2016-06-06 romibiReplace build date with commit date (#159)
2016-06-06 Manuel NickschasBring copyright headers into 2016
2016-06-06 Manuel NickschasGreatly simplify TransferManager API and implementation
2016-04-24 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #195 from seezer/qt5sessions
2016-04-24 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #188 from digitalcircuit/ircv3-fix...
2016-04-23 Sebastian GothSupport session management with Qt5 195/head
2016-04-01 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #183 from romibi/enableLinkPreview
2016-04-01 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #168 from esainane/irssi-msg-escape
2016-03-31 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #165 from esainane/coreinfo-dirty...