mark string untranslatable
[quassel.git] / src / qtui / ui / inputwidget.ui
2013-11-25 Daniel Albersmark string untranslatable
2013-10-10 Bas PapeIndicate whether a key is set for the buffer.
2010-03-09 Dirk Rettschlagcleanup
2010-03-09 Dirk Rettschlagfixed height of inputline to match the rest of the...
2010-03-09 Dirk Rettschlagbetter height for nick combobox and style button
2010-02-14 Dirk Rettschlagstyle button is smaller now
2010-02-14 Dirk Rettschlagfixed layout and escape quotes
2010-02-14 Dirk Rettschlagadded missing icons
2010-02-14 Dirk Rettschlagfirst version of richtext support for input widget...
2009-08-24 Manuel NickschasDon't wrap the input line (really this time!)
2009-08-21 Manuel NickschasRename setters to be more Qt-like
2009-08-16 Manuel NickschasIntroduce multi-line editing for the inputline
2009-04-27 Manuel NickschasRemove input line margin
2009-04-17 Manuel NickschasRevamp InputLine
2008-01-30 Marcus Eggenberger- implemented on request a chat monitor: a simple buffe...
2008-01-26 Marcus EggenbergerHaha! The Inputline is now a seperate dock! Sput: I...