Allow port numbers up to 65535 for proxies
[quassel.git] / src / qtui / ui / coreaccounteditdlg.ui
2008-11-07 Manuel NickschasAllow port numbers up to 65535 for proxies
2008-10-26 Kevin FunkGet rid off obsolete icons.qrc references in ui files
2008-10-21 Marcus Eggenbergerhiding internal connection mode in client only build
2008-07-18 Marcus Eggenbergerunconfusinating the core edit dialog
2008-03-30 Marcus EggenbergerImplemented SSL support for client <-> core connection.
2008-03-29 Marcus EggenbergerAdded Socks5 and HTTP-Proxy support to the client.
2008-01-17 Manuel NickschasThis is the long-awaited monster commit, bringing you...