Use autonegotiation to choose an SSL protocol.
[quassel.git] / src / qtui / settingspages / servereditdlg.ui
2014-02-26 Michael MarleyUse autonegotiation to choose an SSL protocol. 61/head
2009-12-02 Michael Grohcorrect tab order for the settingspages
2008-12-25 Marcus EggenbergerAdding proxy support to the core
2008-10-26 Kevin FunkGet rid off obsolete icons.qrc references in ui files
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasBring back icons to NetworkSettingsPage
2008-03-18 Manuel NickschasMake server passwords work
2008-03-13 Manuel NickschasImplemented rudimentary SSL support for IRC connections.
2008-02-01 Manuel NickschasRenaming the classes and .ui files that got temp names...