Add support for adding a space when tab-completing mid-sentence
[quassel.git] / src / qtui / settingspages / inputwidgetsettingspage.ui
2012-01-20 Bas PapeAdd support for adding a space when tab-completing...
2010-05-01 RĂ¼diger Sonderfeldadded basic support for Emacs style key bindings
2010-03-03 Manuel NickschasSome fixups for the per-chat history stuff
2010-03-03 Dirk Rettschlagimplemented per chat history
2010-02-17 Dirk Rettschlagadded settings option to show/hide the style buttons
2009-12-02 Michael Grohcorrect tab order for the settingspages
2009-09-29 Manuel NickschasMark settingsKey names as non-translateable
2009-08-26 Manuel NickschasMake multiline input configurable
2009-08-18 Manuel NickschasAdd a settingspage for configuring the input widget