Categories in the settings dialog are now clickable
[quassel.git] / src / qtui / settingspages / chatmonitorsettingspage.cpp
2009-02-15 Manuel NickschasCategories in the settings dialog are now clickable
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasYearly copyright bump :)
2009-01-05 Marcus EggenbergerThe new 'All Buffers' view is no properly presorted.
2008-12-20 Manuel NickschasMake the Opt-In/Out widget work correctly
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasMore fixes, save state correctly, test state of checkbo...
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasFix widget change detection in ChatMonitorSettingsPage
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasAdd a property disableDecoration to BufferViewConfig
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasSort buffers
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasDon't leak BufferViewConfigs, plus some syntax/naming...
2008-12-19 Manuel NickschasRedesign ChatMon settingspage a bit
2008-12-19 Sebastian GothRead/Write settings from/to correct subcategory and...
2008-12-19 Sebastian GothChatMonitorSettingspage ported to 0.3.x