Make sure that text lines aren't squeezed together in new Qt versions
[quassel.git] / src / qtui / chatitem.cpp
2009-11-06 Manuel NickschasMake sure that text lines aren't squeezed together...
2009-10-09 Manuel NickschasDon't loop indefinitely while trying to teach manners...
2009-10-08 Daniel Albersfix webpreview for urls with url-encoded chars
2009-09-14 Manuel NickschasWorkaround the wordwrap issues with Qt
2009-08-25 Manuel NickschasIntroduce Clickable::activate() to put handling clicks...
2009-08-22 Manuel NickschasMove Clickable out of ContentsChatItem
2009-08-11 Manuel NickschasMake URLs stylable and fix on-hover underline
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasDon't put loaded formats directly in the format cache
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasTweak ChatItem/ChatLine layouting
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasRevert "Remove the word boundary cache"
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasAllow reloading stylesheets at runtime
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasRemove the word boundary cache
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasMake text selection stylesheetable
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChatViews whenever the stylesheet is reloaded
2009-08-06 Manuel NickschasMake backgrounds of ChatLines and ChatItems styleable
2009-06-07 Sebastian GothAdd ^ to vali url chars
2009-04-12 Sebastian Gothwwwtf this is no url! fixes #671
2009-03-26 Manuel NickschasAllow arbitrary protocols for URL detection
2009-03-24 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'bufferviewoverlay'
2009-03-15 Sebastian GothAdd ' to urlChars. Fixes #626
2009-02-12 Manuel NickschasChange str.indexOf(rx) to rx.indexIn(str)
2009-02-06 Manuel NickschasIntroduce GraphicalUi (between QtUi and AbstractUi...
2009-01-16 Manuel NickschasFix a regression that would show some wrong context...
2009-01-15 Manuel NickschasImprove mouse button detection for mouse release events
2009-01-15 Marcus EggenbergerNo longer saving QTextLayouts for chatitems
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasYearly copyright bump :)
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasProperly stop #nnn from being clickable
2009-01-02 Manuel NickschasImprove channelname recognition a bit (don't make ...
2008-12-14 Manuel NickschasMake channel names in ChatView left-clickable as well
2008-12-14 Manuel NickschasMaking channel names clickable
2008-12-13 Manuel NickschasAdd buffer-specific actions to ChatView context menu...
2008-11-30 Manuel NickschasAdd buffer-specific actions to ChatView's context menu
2008-11-26 Daniel Albershand QUrl a UTF-8 string instead of ASCII
2008-11-26 Manuel NickschasRecognize gopher:// URIs as clickable
2008-11-25 Manuel NickschasFind clickable at click position rather than relying...
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasAdding context menu actions to ChatView
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasSanitizing clipboard handling
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasMake double and triple click selection work
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasUse handleClick() rather than mouseReleaseEvent() for...
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasRevamping ChatView/ChatScene's mouse handling
2008-11-09 Manuel NickschasFix a qreal->int warning
2008-11-07 Manuel NickschasExtend set of allowed chars in an URL, fixing BR #389
2008-11-07 Manuel NickschasFix ChatItem clipping (when selecting lines)
2008-11-06 Marcus Eggenbergerfix a warning for the non-webkit guys
2008-11-04 Manuel NickschasDon't quote URLs, fixes BR #379
2008-11-02 Alexander von Rentelnadded context menu to links
2008-10-28 Manuel NickschasFill sender pixmaps with Qt::transparent to fix drawing...
2008-10-28 Manuel NickschasPimp my ChatView!
2008-10-22 Manuel NickschasMatch clickables case insensitive, fixes BR #363
2008-10-20 Manuel NickschasImproving URL detection regexp
2008-10-16 Marcus EggenbergerSpliting the functionality of setWidth into 3 separate...
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing crashes due to missing private data of chatitems
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergerinternal debug helpers for chatitems
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergergiving the chatscene more control over the webpreview...
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergerimproved web preview removinatings
2008-09-27 Marcus Eggenbergermaking webkit optional
2008-09-27 Marcus Eggenbergerhovering over a url now shows a thumbnail preview
2008-09-22 Marcus Eggenbergerclean up
2008-09-22 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing word wrap
2008-09-22 Marcus EggenbergerChatItem::fontMetrics() moved to ContentsChtatItem...
2008-09-22 Marcus EggenbergerAnother Speed boost for the new ChatView.
2008-09-20 Manuel NickschasTest our newly acquired shortcut capabilities by finall...
2008-09-17 Manuel NickschasImprove URL regexp a bit, don't fail anymore in certain...
2008-09-17 Manuel NickschasFix line spacing being wrong for some people (partially...
2008-09-15 Manuel NickschasEnable on-hover for URLs, remove now obsolete double...
2008-09-15 Manuel NickschasFirst steps in supporting on-hover
2008-09-15 Manuel NickschasURL recognition (WiP)
2008-09-11 Marcus EggenbergerChatScene speed improvement. This might even fix the...
2008-08-20 Manuel NickschasFixing the remaining crash that might have happened...
2008-08-18 Manuel NickschasCleanups, tweaks and fixes
2008-08-18 Manuel NickschasUse inheritance for handling the different ChatItem...
2008-08-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing pull / rebase aftermath
2008-08-16 Marcus EggenbergerIntroducing search in the chatview. See views -> show...
2008-08-15 Manuel NickschasIntroduce discardable LayoutData
2008-08-15 Manuel NickschasClipboard will no longer be randomly overwritten with...
2008-08-13 Manuel NickschasMaking ChatItems in the first column full-height. Also...
2008-08-13 Manuel NickschasRework selections to make them not fail with weird...
2008-08-13 Manuel NickschasDo no longer react to right mouse button presses
2008-08-06 Manuel NickschasFixed URL recognizer to not endlessly loop anymore
2008-08-05 Marcus Eggenbergerpersitentmodelindexes--
2008-08-05 Manuel NickschasFix URL regexp to not include whitespace anymore
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasImplement quick and dirty doubleclick handler for URLs...
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasDeactivate selections on click
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasInter- and intra-item selections now behave properly...
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasRefactor and simplify ChatItem, implement full selectio...
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasMake intra-item selections work
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasColumns are now moveable!
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasIntroduce column separator items; change most of ChatVi...
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasRemove unnecessary margin for ChatItems
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasFix vertical alignment and remove debug painting
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasCorrectly render timestamp and sender as well
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasReorder stuff
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasFix chars sometimes overflowing a tiny little bit
2008-08-02 Manuel Nickschasobsolete--
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasI CAN HAZ WORDWRAPZcd /usr/local/layman/portage-kdecd...
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasIntroduce WrapColumnFinder.
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasMore wordwrap fixes.
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasWordwrap in ChatView almost working.
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasReworking the wordwrap stuff.
2008-08-02 Manuel NickschasProperly re-layout on resizing