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2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasRemove legacy core/client protocol version checks
2008-10-04 Manuel NickschasRedesign genversion and make only main.cpp depend on it
2008-10-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing crash when handling numeric reply 331 (RPL_NOTOP...
2008-09-30 Marcus Eggenbergeradding Message::Self flag to /me style messages
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasInit SQL resource
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasMajor redesign of the build system. Also allow icons...
2008-09-22 Manuel NickschasDon't start a core in CoreApplication's dtor... fixes...
2008-09-19 Daniel Albersfix uptime calculation when client and core are in...
2008-09-18 Manuel NickschasFinally sanitizificat0red the mess and #ifdef hell...
2008-09-05 Marcus Eggenbergerexplicitly listening on IPv4 even if IPv6 is available
2008-09-02 Manuel NickschasExplicitly provide MOC_DEFINES, use HAVE_SSL instead...
2008-09-02 Manuel NickschasMake compile on MSVC again... that thing doesn't know...
2008-09-01 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'master' of
2008-09-01 Manuel NickschasVarious buildsystem improvements:
2008-08-22 Marcus EggenbergerFixing BR #256
2008-08-18 Manuel NickschasIgnore whitespace in join handler (cf. Bug #290)
2008-08-17 Manuel NickschasIntroducing Network::requestSetNetworkInfo() to simplif...
2008-08-17 Manuel NickschasUse SyncableObject::requestUpdate() for updating Identities
2008-08-11 Marcus Eggenbergerthe alias engine can now expand nicks to their hostnames
2008-08-10 Marcus EggenbergerFixing BR #199 introduce /back as alias for unaway
2008-08-10 Daniel Albers/j and /join only prepend # when channel names start...
2008-08-10 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing BR #264 (core crash after join)
2008-08-10 Marcus EggenbergerRevert "fixing BR #264 (core crash after join)"
2008-08-10 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing BR #264 (core crash after join)
2008-08-08 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving deprecated core user settings
2008-07-30 Sebastian GothRemoved some whitespaces..
2008-07-30 Sebastian GothActivate logging for quasselcore.
2008-07-28 Marcus Eggenbergerminor fix
2008-07-28 Marcus Eggenbergertwo leading slashes are now treated as a regular messag...
2008-07-27 Marcus Eggenbergercommands containing multiple slashes are no longer...
2008-07-24 Marcus Eggenbergerimproving the channel lists. errors are redirected...
2008-07-23 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing BR #207 - you can now disconnect from an IRC...
2008-07-22 Marcus Eggenbergeradded and to predefined alias variables. (needs core...
2008-07-22 Marcus Eggenbergerremoving hardcoded aliases from userinputhandler. some...
2008-07-22 Marcus Eggenbergerjussi01: can you spell aliases?
2008-07-21 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing gcc warning and removing redundand includes
2008-07-21 Marcus Eggenbergerstop pinging the server after disconnect... oops
2008-07-21 Marcus Eggenbergeradding server lag indicator to the network tooltip
2008-07-21 Marcus Eggenbergeradding protocol version to core startup output and...
2008-07-16 Sebastian GothActivate cliparser and adapt old global variables to it.
2008-07-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfirst version of core info dialog
2008-07-14 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing a bug in core.cpp (yet another crash on exit)
2008-07-12 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'network-sync'
2008-07-11 Marcus Eggenbergernetwork specific whois fields are now cought in a nice...
2008-07-11 Marcus EggenbergerFixing BR #216 (failing prefix detection)
2008-07-11 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing other part of BR #208 (setting own away message)
2008-07-10 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing output issues with IPv6 host addresses
2008-07-08 Manuel Nickschasdebug--
2008-07-08 Manuel NickschasImprove (hopefully fix) OpenSSL recognition
2008-07-08 Marcus Eggenbergercore should fallback to v4 if v6 isn't available
2008-07-08 Marcus Eggenbergermake the core listen on ipv6 interfaces too (thanks...
2008-07-06 Manuel NickschasFix protocol version check
2008-07-06 Manuel NickschasFix protocol version check
2008-07-06 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing corecrash on exit when non-authed clients were...
2008-07-01 Manuel NickschasBye-bye qmake
2008-06-30 Manuel NickschasMake warnings a little easier to understand
2008-06-28 Manuel NickschasRemove explicit linking to OpenSSL in mod_core
2008-06-26 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing core crash during restore
2008-06-23 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing some merge weirdness
2008-06-23 Marcus EggenbergerFixing BR #147. Needs core update.
2008-06-23 Marcus EggenbergerFixing BR #39 (splitting long messages)
2008-06-23 Marcus EggenbergerImplemented a channel browser (BR #176).
2008-06-18 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'master' of
2008-06-18 Marcus EggenbergerFixing BR #157 (default argument to /mode)
2008-06-18 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing BR #18
2008-06-17 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-17 Manuel NickschasRevert "Allow user to provide a key/certificate pair...
2008-06-17 Diego 'Flameeyes... Allow user to provide a key/certificate pair for outgoi...
2008-06-17 Diego 'Flameeyes... Fix warnings about non-string-literals on printf()...
2008-06-16 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'master' of
2008-06-16 Diego 'Flameeyes... Fix warnings from GCC 4.3 about suggested parentheses.
2008-06-15 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'master' of
2008-06-15 Marcus Eggenbergerfixed a bug in /away command
2008-06-15 Manuel NickschasPost-merge fix of CMake files
2008-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-10 Manuel NickschasUse the provided CMake variables rather than hardcoding...
2008-06-10 Manuel NickschasFix OpenSSL on Windows
2008-06-09 Marcus Eggenbergersometimes I hate git... forgot stupid -a for git commit
2008-06-09 Marcus EggenbergerCAN I HAS CHANNEL MODES PLZ?
2008-06-08 Manuel NickschasHEADERS -> MOC_HDRS and adding non-moccable files to...
2008-06-08 Manuel NickschasAutogenerate version.gen - no more outdated versions!
2008-06-07 Manuel NickschasIntroduce new format for
2008-06-07 Manuel NickschasLook for OpenSSL.
2008-06-06 Manuel NickschasSay hello (again) to CMake!
2008-06-05 Marcus EggenbergerQuassel now uses proper default messages for part,...
2008-06-04 Marcus EggenbergerSay hello to compression!
2008-06-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixed a bug that could crash the core on exit
2008-05-27 Alexander von Renteln#BR39 - long messages will now be divided in several...
2008-05-26 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r859 with trunk
2008-05-22 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r849 with trunk
2008-05-09 Manuel NickschasMoving branches/0.3 to trunk
2008-05-08 Manuel Nickschasreadability++
2008-05-08 Manuel NickschasMerging r812:820 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-05 Marcus EggenbergerMaking Quassel Core compile without SSL support
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasMerging -r804:811 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasPorting autoWHO fix (r809) from branches/0.3 to trunk.
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasFixing autoWHO.
2008-05-02 Marcus EggenbergerircServerHandler sanification
2008-04-29 Manuel NickschasMore WiP stuff for the MessageModel.
2008-04-27 Manuel Nickschasspelling++