fixed a bug in UserInputHandler::handleMsg()
[quassel.git] / src / core / userinputhandler.cpp
2008-02-05 Marcus Eggenbergerfixed a bug in UserInputHandler::handleMsg()
2008-02-03 Marcus EggenbergerMore Code Cleanup
2008-02-03 Marcus EggenbergerCode cleanup. Distclean advised
2008-02-03 Alexander von Rentelnchanged the behavior of RPL_AWAY server messages:
2008-02-01 Alexander von Rentelnbeautyfied the code in userinputhandler::handlectcp
2008-02-01 Alexander von Rentelnadded ctcp handler to userinputhandler
2008-02-01 Manuel NickschasThis is it, the long-awaited huge commit with the new...
2008-01-31 Alexander von Rentelnadded more user info in the user tool tip
2008-01-30 Marcus Eggenbergerenabled quassel to join +k channels
2008-01-28 Alexander von RentelnAdded BanHandler.
2008-01-24 Alexander von RentelnAdded commands: who, whois and whowas.
2008-01-09 Manuel NickschasAs preparation for revamping the whole networking stuff...
2008-01-05 Manuel NickschasFix license headers: Quassel IRC Team -> Quassel Projec...
2007-11-29 Manuel NickschasMaking Quassel slowly ready for its first release...
2007-10-18 Marcus EggenbergerOk this is the major rework of quassel we've all been...