Event backend porting
[quassel.git] / src / core / ircserverhandler.h
2010-10-13 Manuel NickschasEvent backend porting
2010-10-13 Manuel NickschasEvent backend porting
2010-08-25 Johannes Huberhandler for RPL_WHOISACCOUNT(330), fixes #210
2010-08-10 Johannes Hubernew handler for RPL_INVITING 341, fixes #1007
2010-08-10 Johannes Huberhandle incoming invite, fixes #961
2010-07-28 Manuel NickschasClean-up and refactor the blowfish encryption stuff
2010-07-22 Johannes Hubermessage + topic decryption
2010-02-14 Manuel NickschasHandle 437 (ERR_UNAVAILRESOURCE)
2010-02-14 Chris FuentySASL support
2010-01-31 Sebastian GothRefactoring of BasicHandler
2010-01-18 Sebastian GothCleanup netsplits on disconnect correctly
2009-09-13 Sebastian GothPimp my netsplit detection
2009-08-24 Sebastian GothIntroduce netsplit detection/handling
2009-05-07 Manuel NickschasHandle ircd reply 328 (channel homepage)
2009-02-14 Marcus Eggenbergerfixes #391 - appending underscores if all nicknames...
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasYearly copyright bump :)
2008-12-25 Marcus EggenbergerMerging NetworkConnection into CoreNetwork.
2008-07-21 Marcus Eggenbergeradding server lag indicator to the network tooltip
2008-06-23 Marcus EggenbergerImplemented a channel browser (BR #176).
2008-06-17 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-09 Marcus Eggenbergersometimes I hate git... forgot stupid -a for git commit
2008-05-22 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r849 with trunk
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasMerging -r804:811 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-02 Marcus EggenbergerircServerHandler sanification
2008-04-13 Manuel NickschasMerging r726:730 from trunk to branches/0.3. This forwa... 0.3.0-pre
2008-04-12 Alexander von RentelnAdded some new ircServerHandlers
2008-04-08 Alexander von RentelnBR#138: prettifyed the whois output of the core
2008-02-19 Marcus EggenbergerQuery buffers are now automatically renamed on nickchanges.
2008-02-18 Marcus Eggenbergerminor code cleanup
2008-02-13 Manuel NickschasEncodings are now honored for both sending and receivin...
2008-02-03 Alexander von Rentelnchanged the behavior of RPL_AWAY server messages:
2008-01-31 Alexander von Rentelnadded more user info in the user tool tip
2008-01-31 Alexander von Rentelnadded ircserverhandler for whois, who and whowas
2008-01-28 Marcus Eggenbergermade the handlers for ERR_ERRONEUSNICKNAME and ERR_NICK...
2008-01-22 Marcus EggenbergerQuassel takes now care of your erroneus nicks as long...
2008-01-17 Manuel NickschasThis is the long-awaited monster commit, bringing you...
2008-01-09 Manuel NickschasAs preparation for revamping the whole networking stuff...
2008-01-05 Manuel NickschasFix license headers: Quassel IRC Team -> Quassel Projec...
2007-12-25 Manuel NickschasMy X-Mas present to you: partially working encodings...
2007-11-29 Manuel NickschasMaking Quassel slowly ready for its first release...
2007-10-18 Marcus EggenbergerOk this is the major rework of quassel we've all been...