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[quassel.git] / scripts /
2018-02-28 romibiModify Mac Deploy-Script for QtWebEngine
2018-02-28 Hannah von RethUse Qt 5.6 and msvc2015 (#197)
2016-02-08 Hannah von RethFix msvc x64 build and openssl for msc.
2016-01-02 Patrick von RethAdd support for Appvayor Windows ci.
2016-01-02 jjoycePython PEP8 cleanup of
2016-01-02 jjoycePython PEP8 cleanup of
2014-10-01 Marcus EggenbergerShipping Mac OS X packages with SQL plugins
2014-04-09 Marcus EggenbergerBuild mono client packages on Mac OS X
2013-11-25 Daniel try to pull first
2013-05-09 Marcus EggenbergerPartial reorganization of Mac OS bundeling script.
2013-05-07 Marcus EggenbergerAfter thorough considerations and long discussions...
2013-05-05 Marcus EggenbergerUpdated packaging scripts for Mac OS X
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #7 from Tucos/bug-640
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #6 from Tucos/genversion
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #1 from sandsmark/master
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #5 from Tucos/feat-keyx
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #2 from sandsmark/wii
2013-02-19 Leo FranchiEnable smooth fonts on retina macs
2012-07-07 Marcus EggenbergerFixes #1175
2012-06-24 Daniel pull newly added languages...
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasReformat ALL the source!
2012-02-14 Daniel Albersbump © years
2010-08-11 Martin Mayerwrite correct version in mac-bundle;
2010-08-11 Manuel NickschasRemove deprecated script
2009-07-12 Marcus EggenbergerSmall update to my bundling script for Mac OS X.
2009-03-03 Manuel NickschasMake look in various locations for the...
2009-03-01 Manuel NickschasUpdate db path for
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasProvide real networks.ini containing a large range...
2008-11-16 Kevin FunkAdd list action to manageusers. And give it some love...
2008-09-28 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing mac os build and deploy scripts
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasMajor redesign of the build system. Also allow icons...
2008-08-06 Manuel NickschasFix typo
2008-06-27 Marcus EggenbergerMac OS X only: added deployment scripts. Finally manage...
2008-06-17 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-15 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'master' of
2008-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'cmake'
2008-06-14 Marcus Eggenbergerquassel and quasselclient targets now generate a bundle...
2008-06-08 Marcus EggenbergerSome clarifications in the terminology of the core...