Make tabcompletion key configurable via shortcuts. fixes 1018
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2010-04-19 Manuel NickschasFix build and indentation
2010-04-16 Patrick von Rethremoved win32.o
2010-04-16 Patrick von Rethadded generation of the ming resource win32.o out of...
2010-02-16 Patrick von Rethfixed windows file icon with mingw
2009-02-16 Manuel NickschasMake nokia.png a proper png
2009-02-16 Manuel NickschasSome more tweaks to AboutDlg
2009-02-14 Manuel NickschasChange logo font
2009-02-11 Manuel NickschasUpdate windows app icon, thanks Datafreak for the new...
2009-02-11 Manuel NickschasAdd new logo for the main page
2009-02-04 Marcus Eggenbergerupdating mac app icon file
2009-01-25 Manuel NickschasAlways embed pics/* until we actually support loading...
2009-01-25 Manuel NickschasRevamping the build system (again...)
2008-11-16 Manuel NickschasAdd Qt logo to About Qt... action
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasAdd :/pics, show Quassel logo in BufferWidget again
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasMajor redesign of the build system. Also allow icons...