Two hours of bughunting ending between keyboard and chair. Or something like that...
[quassel.git] / gui / bufferview.cpp
2007-06-19 Manuel NickschasTwo hours of bughunting ending between keyboard and...
2007-06-19 Manuel NickschasRefactoring the GUI. Work in progress.
2007-06-19 Marcus EggenbergerFixed a Bug where an issued /join did not trigger the...
2007-06-19 Manuel NickschasOnly expand network items in bufferviews.
2007-06-19 Manuel NickschasMake BufferView trees expanded by default.
2007-06-18 Marcus EggenbergerMinor Update:
2007-06-18 Marcus EggenbergerChanged the BufferView System to a MVC Design Pattern
2007-06-11 Manuel NickschasRenamed NetworkView[Widget] to BufferView[Widget].