Another big update today.
[quassel.git] / core /
2006-10-23 Manuel NickschasAnother big update today.
2006-10-20 Manuel NickschasSome more filename changes. Should be it for now.
2006-10-20 Manuel NickschasBig, big, major commit this time:
2006-10-18 Manuel NickschasFinished logical separation of core and GUI. Monolithic...
2006-10-18 Manuel NickschasBig refactoring completed. Everything prepared for...
2006-10-18 Manuel NickschasWork In Progress
2006-10-17 Manuel NickschasWe have a working message parser now, and a framework...
2006-10-15 Manuel NickschasFirst sorta working network code added. We can connect...
2006-10-15 Manuel Nickschas(no commit message)
2006-07-10 Manuel NickschasNew Build System
2006-05-18 Manuel Nickschas(no commit message)
2006-05-18 Manuel Nickschas(no commit message)