ci: [mac] Update Xcode version to Qt 5 supported
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2021-10-15 Shane Synanci: [mac] Update Xcode version to Qt 5 supported master
2021-03-12 Manuel Nickschasci: Find Qt5 again on macOS
2021-01-04 Manuel Nickschascmake: Modernize (and fix) deployment on macOS
2021-01-04 Manuel Nickschasci: Select explicit Xcode version on macOS
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasci: Add ubuntu-groovy (20.10), remove ubuntu-eoan ...
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasci: Actually use Clang in the Clang builds
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasci: Don't fail fast in matrix builds
2020-12-04 Shane Synanci: Skip macOS 'brew update' to save a lot of time
2020-11-21 Shane Synanci: Workaround macOS hdiutil out of space errors
2020-10-03 Manuel Nickschasci: Make artifact sanity checks non-fatal for now
2020-06-18 Manuel Nickschasci: Add sanity check for artifacts to post-build job
2020-06-18 Manuel Nickschasci: Replace Travis and Appveyor CIs by a GitHub Workflow