2022-02-13 Mike Gilbertcmake: avoid de-duplication of user's CXXFLAGS master
2022-02-13 Dimitris ApostolouFix typos
2022-02-13 Manuel NickschasPost-release version bump
2022-01-01 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.14.0 0.14 0.14.0
2022-01-01 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2022-01-01 Manuel Nickschastests: Build core tests only if core is actually being...
2022-01-01 Manuel Nickschassrc: Yearly copyright bump
2022-01-01 Shane Synanci: Schedule monthly build to catch regressions
2021-10-15 Shane Synanci: [mac] Update Xcode version to Qt 5 supported
2021-10-12 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.14-rc2 0.14-rc2
2021-10-12 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2021-10-12 Manuel NickschasUpdate contributors
2021-10-12 Manuel NickschasUpdate translations from Transifex
2021-10-12 Janne KoschinskiFix a security issue with LDAP usernames
2021-06-22 nl6720Add /raw as an alias for /quote
2021-06-22 Shane Synancommon: strip format codes for Message ignores
2021-06-22 Pino Toscanopics: stop installing app icon in pixmaps location
2021-06-22 Manuel Rügerdata/networks.ini: Add hackint IRC
2021-06-22 Manuel Rügerdata/networks.ini: Explain what '+' means
2021-06-22 Manuel Rügerdata/networks.ini: Order alphabetically
2021-06-20 Shane Synancommon: Make regular expressions Unicode-aware
2021-06-20 Shane Synandocs: Add back webchat link after Libera migration
2021-06-18 ChrisAdd link to certificate FAQ in --require-ssl error
2021-06-18 phuzioncore: Require TLS cert to be loaded if --require-ssl...
2021-06-13 phuzionThis commit changes the official Quassel IRC channel...
2021-06-13 Nicolas CornuJoin current channel if no name is given
2021-05-30 Manuel Nickschasci: Adapt warning configuration to new release of MSVC 19
2021-05-30 Manuel Nickschasclient: Fix an issue with redirection in MessageFilter
2021-05-30 Nicolas CornuFix parents for all dialog windows
2021-03-30 Nicolas CornuSet parent for new windows dialog
2021-03-27 Nicolas Cornustylesheet: add more stylesheets in the repository
2021-03-20 Manuel Nickschasqa: Modernize invocation of QProcess in ExecWrapper
2021-03-20 Manuel Nickschasqa: Resolve Qt deprecation warnings - use sslHandshakeE...
2021-03-20 Manuel Nickschasqa: Resolve Qt deprecation warnings - default-construct...
2021-03-20 Janne Koschinskiqa: Resolve deprecation warnings in newer Qt versions
2021-03-12 Janne Mareike... ircv3: Add support for weird tag names, per the spec
2021-03-12 Manuel Nickschasci: Find Qt5 again on macOS
2021-02-14 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update application icons for Quassel
2021-02-14 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update bundled Breeze Dark iconset
2021-02-14 Manuel Nickschasicons: Update bundled Breeze iconset
2021-02-12 Michał SochońUpdate upgrade_000_create_buffer_idx.sql
2021-01-04 Manuel Nickschascmake: Modernize (and fix) deployment on macOS
2021-01-04 Manuel Nickschascmake: Determine minimum deployment target for Qt
2021-01-04 Manuel Nickschaspics: Provide custom target for generating the macOS...
2021-01-04 Manuel Nickschasci: Select explicit Xcode version on macOS
2020-12-17 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.14-rc1
2020-12-17 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2020-12-17 Manuel NickschasUpdate contributors
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasci: Add ubuntu-groovy (20.10), remove ubuntu-eoan ...
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasci: Actually use Clang in the Clang builds
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasci: Don't fail fast in matrix builds
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschascmake: Ignore -Wdeprecated-declarations instead of...
2020-12-17 Manuel Nickschasgit: Add VSCode workspace config to gitignore
2020-12-15 Shane Synandocs: Add nightly.link CI download URLs to README
2020-12-15 Shane Synanclient: Group SASL EXTERNAL under SASL, test cap
2020-12-08 Lee Starnesqtui: Keep editing topic while someone talks
2020-12-04 Shane Synanci: Skip macOS 'brew update' to save a lot of time
2020-12-04 Shane Synanbuild: Set macOS minimum version to Qt min version
2020-11-28 Shane Synanclient: Fix settings crash on missing net identity
2020-11-28 Shane Synanqtui: Add keyboard/mouse access to version links
2020-11-28 Janne Koschinskicore: Implement echo-message, disabled by default
2020-11-28 Shane Synancore: Implement invite-notify
2020-11-28 Shane Synancore: Implement account-tag
2020-11-28 Shane Synancore: Finish implementing message-tags
2020-11-28 Shane Synancore: Don't use "time" tag without "server-time"
2020-11-28 Janne Koschinskicore: Implement setname
2020-11-28 Shane Synansettings: Add server-time to Network Features tab
2020-11-28 Shane Synansettings: Add Features tab to Network for skipCaps
2020-11-28 Shane Synancore: In CoreNetwork, check Network::useSasl()
2020-11-28 Shane Synancommon: Allow skipping negotiation of IRCv3 caps
2020-11-28 Shane Synancore: Use IrcTags::SERVER_TIME for server-time tag
2020-11-28 Shane Synanclient: Switch infobar dialog-* icons to emblem-*
2020-11-28 Jay Colsonsql: Remove PostgreSQL text limits, fixes hangs
2020-11-21 Shane Synanci: Workaround macOS hdiutil out of space errors
2020-11-04 alturiakcore: Improve setkey usage output
2020-10-04 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Fix missing default value for backlog fetching
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Workaround initial backlog fetch scrolling
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Default to AsNeeded backlog fetching
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Add AsNeededBacklogRequester, faster login
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Optionally ensure backlog on buffer show
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Fix backlog requests with 0 initial fetch
2020-10-04 Shane Synanuisupport: Fix invalid model segfault from index
2020-10-04 Shane Synancommon: Fix IrcUser::quitInternal not syncing quit
2020-10-04 Shane Synancore: Fix SQL defaults for filtered backlog fetch
2020-10-04 Shane Synancore: Fix/unify SQL for forward message fetch
2020-10-04 Janne Mareike... Apply suggestions from code review
2020-10-04 Janne Koschinski[PR-540] Add a new feature flag
2020-10-04 Janne Koschinski[PR-540] Allow loading backlog in reverse direction
2020-10-03 Vitor Luiscommon: Use /quote by default for aliases
2020-10-03 Shane Synanclient: Deprecate local highlight, migrate cleanup
2020-10-03 Shane SynanRevert "settings: Local Highlights, default Current...
2020-10-03 Shane Synancommon: Exclude ignored messages in buffer activity
2020-10-03 Hannah von... Include XDG search dirs on mac
2020-10-03 Manuel Nickschasci: Make artifact sanity checks non-fatal for now
2020-10-03 Shane Synancommon: Default Away on Detach for new identities
2020-10-03 Alex McGrathAdd button and bindings for striking through text
2020-08-22 Shane Synandocs: README.md note login to download auto-builds
2020-08-22 Shane Synandocs: Update README.md badge, download for Actions
2020-08-22 Shane Synandocs: Inline important URLs in README.md
2020-08-22 Steve GroeszUpdate custom time format tooltip