2016-09-13 ChristianSnapcraft packaging for quasselcore
2016-09-07 Manuel NickschasUpdate INSTALL for WebEngine/WebKit
2016-09-07 Manuel NickschasMake Breeze the default icon theme
2016-09-07 romibiAdapt macosx_makePackage.sh for svg icon support
2016-09-07 romibiEnable Breeze on Appveyor
2016-09-07 romibiAdd Settings option to choose from bundled Icon Themes
2016-09-07 romibiAdd and Initialize Icon Themes
2016-09-07 romibiAdd Icons from Breeze and Breeze Dark
2016-09-07 romibiFix Icon Theme Import Script
2016-09-07 Shane SynanAdd spacers to Chat & Nick Lists settings page
2016-09-07 Shane SynanAdd horizontal spacer to Appearance settings page
2016-09-07 Shane SynanAuto-resize Settings to fit wide widgets
2016-09-07 romibiEnable Qt's high-DPI scaling introduced in Qt5.6
2016-09-07 romibiFix cmd+Q invalidating the layout somehow
2016-09-07 romibiFix Mac Deploy scripts for newer Xcode and git
2016-09-07 romibiEnable OSX dmg deployment on Travis
2016-09-07 Martin T. H... Disable webkit by default
2016-09-07 Michael MarleyProperly handle 0 seconds in secondsToString()
2016-09-07 selabnayrAllow client-side channel buffer merges, and associated...
2016-09-07 selabnayrAllow core-side channel buffer merges
2016-09-07 Rolf Eike BeerSimplify FindExecInfo
2016-09-07 Rolf Eike BeerDrop QT_PATH from CMake code
2016-09-07 Rolf Eike BeerRemove arguments of CMake's else() and endif() commands
2016-09-07 Rolf Eike BeerSimplify CMake code
2016-09-07 Shane SynanBatch request capabilities during negotiation
2016-09-07 Shane SynanNetwork::clearCaps only sync when caps removed
2016-09-07 Shane SynanRemove redundant parameter check from IrcEventCap
2016-09-07 Shane SynanTry to recover from some bad CAP replies, docs
2016-09-07 Shane SynanHandle IRCv3 servers without any capabilities
2016-09-07 Shane SynanSort IRCv3 capabilities before negotiation
2016-09-07 Shane SynanHandle caps with multiple key-value pairs
2016-09-07 Shane SynanHandle non-standard missing event parameters
2016-09-07 Shane SynanSet account on extended-join, simplify, fix docs
2016-09-07 Shane SynanFix joins for non-spec servers with extended-join
2016-09-06 Hannah von... Don't redefine activated signal.
2016-09-06 Hannah von... Only register deregister quassel with snore if it wasn...
2016-09-06 Ben RosserAdd AppData metadata for quassel, quasselclient.
2016-09-06 Shane SynanReload SSL certificates on signal SIGHUP
2016-09-06 Shane SynanDisconnect CoreSession _networks before delete
2016-09-06 Shane SynanProcess events when destroying CoreNetwork
2016-09-06 Shane SynanDon't log socket error when disconnecting
2016-09-06 Shane SynanAdd spacers to Chat View Colors settings page
2016-09-06 Shane SynanMove Chat View colors to new settings page
2016-09-06 Shane SynanSettings upgrade logic, classic for old installs
2016-09-06 Shane SynanDefault nick/action color on, sender brackets off
2016-09-06 Shane SynanOptionally color sender nicks in Action messages
2016-09-06 Shane SynanCalculate senderHash for Action messages
2016-09-06 Shane SynanAdd brackets to timestamp when copying if hidden
2016-09-06 Shane SynanMake sender brackets configurable, on by default
2016-09-06 Daniel AlbersRemove displayed brackets around sender nicks
2016-09-06 romibiFix crash if topic has a CarriageReturn
2016-09-05 Shane SynanDocument schema changes, tidy up upgrade script
2016-09-05 Shane SynanUpdate preset networks to include SSL variants
2016-09-05 Shane SynanSync default port with Use encrypted connection
2016-09-05 Shane SynanOptionally verify SSL connection to IRC servers
2016-09-05 Shane SynanFix maybe-uninitialized compile warning
2016-09-05 Shane SynanCenter-align tooltips, fix QML, italicize unknown
2016-09-05 Shane SynanHide network tooltip info when disconnected
2016-09-05 Hannah von... Fix a crash with MSVC debug builds.
2016-09-05 Hannah von... Disable dbus on Windows.
2016-09-05 Shane SynanStrip format codes when checking for highlights
2016-09-05 romibiModify Mac Deploy-Script for QtWebEngine
2016-09-05 romibiUpdate Appveyor Script to use QtWebEngine
2016-09-05 romibiFix WebPreview not updating when using QtWebEngine
2016-09-05 romibiUse QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit if available
2016-09-05 Shane SynanFancify README with Markdown, build status, links
2016-09-05 Michael MarleyUpdate inxi to version 2.3.0
2016-09-05 Shane SynanEnable self message support for ZNC
2016-09-05 Shane SynanAdd support for self messages
2016-09-05 Shane SynanAllow prioritizing QUIT over other commands
2016-09-05 Shane SynanAdd command queue prepend, prioritize PING/PONG
2016-09-05 Martin T. H... Remove default keybinding for showing/hiding menubar
2016-09-05 Martin T. H... Create a custom popup menu for mainwindow, add menubar...
2016-09-05 Martin T. H... Don't use the QPointer::clear() function that was intro...
2016-09-05 Martin T. H... Add action/shortcut to use the buffer filter/search
2016-09-05 Martin T. H... Make the buffer search optional, disable by default
2016-09-05 Martin T. H... Add buffer filtering support.
2016-07-05 Daniel AlbersEnable OSX builds on travis (GH-227)
2016-07-05 Daniel AlbersSlightly reorder travis config
2016-07-05 romibiEnable Mac OSX builds on travis
2016-07-03 Daniel AlbersMerge pull request #226 - Fix touch pads being handled...
2016-07-03 romibiCheck touch device type on TouchEvents
2016-06-15 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #198 - IRCv3 improvements
2016-06-15 Rolf Eike BeerSimplify checking if CMake policies need to be set
2016-06-15 Manuel NickschasSome cleanups
2016-06-15 romibiDocumentation
2016-06-15 romibiChange Selection Behaviour
2016-06-15 romibiRefactoring: Pull Up Duplicate Code
2016-06-15 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Nick-View
2016-06-15 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Buffer-View
2016-06-15 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Chat-View
2016-06-13 Shane SynanShow account information in nick tooltips 198/head
2016-06-13 Shane SynanAdd CapNegotiation Feature flag, fix CMakeLists
2016-06-13 Shane SynanHide AutoWho reply if channel/nick quits
2016-06-13 Shane SynanSync IrcUser account, add WHOX for account-notify
2016-06-13 Shane SynanAdd support for chghost
2016-06-13 Shane SynanFormat SASL auth messages
2016-06-13 Shane SynanSync caps, use signal/slot, CAP NEW/DEL, polish
2016-06-13 Shane SynanAdd docs to IrcUser::updateNickFromMask
2016-06-13 Shane SynanExclude Qt Creator user settings from repository