2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Workaround initial backlog fetch scrolling
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Default to AsNeeded backlog fetching
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Add AsNeededBacklogRequester, faster login
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Optionally ensure backlog on buffer show
2020-10-04 Shane Synanclient: Fix backlog requests with 0 initial fetch
2020-10-04 Shane Synanuisupport: Fix invalid model segfault from index
2020-10-04 Shane Synancommon: Fix IrcUser::quitInternal not syncing quit
2020-10-04 Shane Synancore: Fix SQL defaults for filtered backlog fetch
2020-10-04 Shane Synancore: Fix/unify SQL for forward message fetch
2020-10-04 Janne Mareike... Apply suggestions from code review
2020-10-04 Janne Koschinski[PR-540] Add a new feature flag
2020-10-04 Janne Koschinski[PR-540] Allow loading backlog in reverse direction
2020-10-03 Vitor Luiscommon: Use /quote by default for aliases
2020-10-03 Shane Synanclient: Deprecate local highlight, migrate cleanup
2020-10-03 Shane SynanRevert "settings: Local Highlights, default Current...
2020-10-03 Shane Synancommon: Exclude ignored messages in buffer activity
2020-10-03 Hannah von... Include XDG search dirs on mac
2020-10-03 Manuel Nickschasci: Make artifact sanity checks non-fatal for now
2020-10-03 Shane Synancommon: Default Away on Detach for new identities
2020-10-03 Alex McGrathAdd button and bindings for striking through text
2020-08-22 Shane Synandocs: README.md note login to download auto-builds
2020-08-22 Shane Synandocs: Update README.md badge, download for Actions
2020-08-22 Shane Synandocs: Inline important URLs in README.md
2020-08-22 Steve GroeszUpdate custom time format tooltip
2020-06-25 Daniel AlbersAdd rough instructions for synchronizing the i18n repos...
2020-06-25 Daniel AlbersUpdate translations from Transifex
2020-06-18 Manuel Nickschasci: Add sanity check for artifacts to post-build job
2020-06-18 Manuel Nickschasci: Replace Travis and Appveyor CIs by a GitHub Workflow
2020-06-18 Manuel Nickschascmake: Allow deprecation warnings
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschastravis: Add Debian Stable and Testing to the list of...
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschastravis: Remove Ubuntu Cosmic, add Eoan and Focal
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschasssl: Remove legacy useSsl account setting
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschasssl: Use QSslSocket directly to avoid redundant qobject...
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschasssl: Use Pending Connections mechanism for SslServer
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschasssl: Remove HAVE_SSL define
2020-06-11 Janne Koschinskissl: Remove fallback code for missing SSL support
2020-06-11 Manuel Nickschasssl: Require SSL support in Qt
2020-06-11 Svetlana TRemoved mozilla IRC network from networks.ini
2020-06-11 Janne Koschinski[Followup PR-495] Fixes backwards compatibility issues
2020-05-30 Manuel Nickschascore: Remove slots from storage APIs 501/head
2020-05-30 Manuel Nickschascommon: Make SyncableObject non-copyable
2020-04-12 Shane Synancore: Clarify name of capsPendingNegotiation flag
2020-04-12 Shane Synancore: Fix capability messages for repeat CAP LS
2020-03-15 Janne KoschinskiSync last message id per buffer
2020-03-15 Janne KoschinskiFix buffersyncer state when merging buffers
2020-03-15 Janne Mareike... Implement support for the HAProxy proxy protocol
2020-03-15 Janne KoschinskiMinor cleanup of metrics server
2020-03-15 Manuel Nickschassrc: Yearly copyright bump
2020-01-09 A. Wilcoxmultilineedit: handle unterminated mIRC codes
2020-01-09 Janne KoschinskiFix protocol spam on part/quit/disconnect
2020-01-09 Janne KoschinskiImprove identd
2020-01-09 Hannah von... Use correct data Path on Windows
2020-01-09 Hannah von... Install notifyrc on all platforms if WITH_KF5 is True
2020-01-08 Manuel Nickschasqa: Use QProcess::errorOccurred instead of QProcess...
2020-01-08 Manuel Nickschasqa: Replace deprecated QString::sprintf() by QString...
2020-01-08 Manuel Nickschasqa: Avoid deprecation warnings for QList/QSet conversions
2020-01-08 Manuel Nickschasqa: Replace deprecated qVariantFromValue() by QVariant...
2020-01-08 Manuel Nickschascommon: Always let QVariant::fromValue() deduce the...
2020-01-08 Manuel Nickschascommon: Disable enum type stream operators for Qt ...
2020-01-06 Hannah von... Remove broken 32 bit Windows builds
2019-12-06 Hannah von... Fix deprecation warning, to fix Werror build
2019-12-05 Janne Mareike... Fix builds for cosmic/disco/eoan
2019-08-30 Manuel Nickschascommon: Remove the copy assignment operator from DccConfig
2019-08-30 Manuel Nickschascore: Don't store a reference in CoreCertManager
2019-08-30 Manuel Nickschascore: Remove copy assignment operator from CoreIdentity
2019-08-30 Manuel Nickschascore: Replace QList by std::vector in the storage API
2019-08-30 Manuel Nickschasqa: Replace Qt module includes by class ones
2019-08-29 Manuel Nickschascmake: Don't needlessly sync translations
2019-08-29 Janne KoschinskiRemove debug console and QtScript, which was deprecated...
2019-08-28 Manuel Nickschascore: Use QLatin1String in a few places
2019-08-28 Manuel NickschasAdd missing includes
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiAdd a flag to enable Qt deprecation warnings on Qt...
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace deprecated additionalFormats with formats
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace deprecated QComboBox::currentIndexChanged with...
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace usage of deprecated QDir::operator=
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace deprecated QSqlError::number with ::nativeErrorCode
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace deprecated QModelIndex::child with QAbstractIte...
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace QSignalMapper with new-style lambda signals
2019-08-28 Janne KoschinskiReplace deprecated qSort with std::sort
2019-08-04 Jan Alexander... qtui: Set desktop file name
2019-08-04 Rafael Kitovercmake: fix build on MSYS2
2019-08-04 Kai Uwe BroulikCheck for KNotifications version
2019-08-04 Kai Uwe BroulikSet default action on notification
2019-08-04 Janne KoschinskiImplement a metrics daemon to expose Prometheus metrics
2019-08-04 Manuel Nickschastests: Fix include order
2019-08-02 Daniel AlbersMerge branch 'simplify-time-formatting' of https:/...
2019-08-02 Daniel AlbersMerge branch 'select-account-from-cli' of https://githu...
2019-08-02 Janne KoschinskiSimplify the time formatting used in formatDateTimeToISO 504/head
2019-07-26 Janne KoschinskiAllow selecting the core account to connect to from CLI 503/head
2019-05-31 Kai Uwe BroulikSend icon name instead of pixmap
2019-05-31 Kai Uwe BroulikAdd DesktopEntry to notifyrc
2019-05-31 Rafael Kitovercmake: Lower Boost dep version 1.56 -> 1.54
2019-05-31 Rafael Kitovercmake: Add ENABLE_SHARED option, default ON
2019-05-31 Ben RosserCore: in LDAP authenticator, don't try database auth...
2019-05-31 Ben RosserCore: only try local auth if a user has the "database...
2019-05-31 Shane Synantests: Verify ExpressionMatch test data won't OOB
2019-05-31 Shane Synantests: Verify ExpressionMatch with invalid regex
2019-05-30 Janne KoschinskiImplement IRCv3 Server-Time
2019-05-30 Janne KoschinskiCleanup allowing for tags to be available at later...
2019-05-30 Janne KoschinskiDon't server-encode twice