2018-02-28 Shane SynanFancify README with Markdown, build status, links
2018-02-28 Michael MarleyUpdate inxi to version 2.3.0
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAllow prioritizing QUIT over other commands
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAdd command queue prepend, prioritize PING/PONG
2018-02-28 Martin T. H... Create a custom popup menu for mainwindow, add menubar...
2018-02-28 Daniel AlbersSlightly reorder travis config
2018-02-28 romibiEnable Mac OSX builds on travis
2018-02-28 romibiCheck touch device type on TouchEvents
2018-02-28 Rolf Eike BeerSimplify checking if CMake policies need to be set
2018-02-28 Manuel NickschasSome cleanups
2018-02-28 romibiDocumentation
2018-02-28 romibiChange Selection Behaviour
2018-02-28 romibiRefactoring: Pull Up Duplicate Code
2018-02-28 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Nick-View
2018-02-28 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Buffer-View
2018-02-28 romibiEnable Touch Scroll in Chat-View
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAdd docs to IrcUser::updateNickFromMask
2018-02-28 Shane SynanExclude Qt Creator user settings from repository
2018-02-28 Hannah von... Use Qt 5.6 and msvc2015 (#197)
2018-02-28 Daniel AlbersEnable ccache on Travis
2018-02-28 Daniel AlbersUpdate travis build configuration to trusty
2018-02-28 martinFix the SSL check with Qt 5.6 and GCC 5 (#199)
2018-02-28 romibiReplace build date with commit date (#159)
2018-02-28 Alf GaidaFix two typos (#200)
2018-02-28 Shengjing ZhuFix wrong zh_CN translation
2018-02-28 Manuel NickschasFix inconsistent use of override in NickListWidget
2018-02-28 Manuel NickschasSet CMake policy for visibility
2018-02-28 phuzionMinor string cleanup
2018-02-28 esainaneMake "/ " use the rest of the message as a literal
2017-04-12 AdamFix sasl authentication to fail on servers which don...
2016-05-05 romibiAdd some more needed DLL's for Link-Preview support
2016-04-24 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.12.4
2016-04-24 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2016-04-24 Shane SynanAdd documentation to isStatusMsg
2016-04-24 Michael MarleyHandle STATUSMSG messages
2016-04-24 romibiEnable Link-Preview on appveyor builds
2016-04-24 Manuel NickschasHandle invalid handshake data properly in the core
2016-04-24 Sebastian GothSupport session management with Qt5
2016-02-11 Daniel AlbersUpdate translations from Transifex
2016-02-10 Manuel NickschasDon't prefix the nick with a colon while connecting...
2016-02-09 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.12.3
2016-02-09 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasSupport new QtInfoMsg message type
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasUpdate AboutData
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasDon't allow newlines in buffer names
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasFix issues with buffer selection and filtered views
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasFix build with Qt4
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasDon't serialize PeerPtr value in RPC connections
2016-02-08 Manuel NickschasFix shortcut handling with KDE Frameworks
2016-02-08 Hannah von... Fix possible crash, mostly occurring on notification...
2016-02-08 Janne KoschinskiFixed a tiny bug in aliasmanager
2016-02-08 AyonixFix the SSL check on systems that don't use OpenSSL
2016-02-08 Hannah von... Fix build with snorenotify 0.7
2016-02-08 Hannah von... Fix msvc x64 build and openssl for msc.
2016-02-08 Patrick von... Apply small snore api changed.
2016-02-08 Patrick von... Update Snorenotify project location.
2016-02-08 Patrick von... Updated the Snorenotification backend to the new api...
2016-01-02 esainanesignalproxy: Correct signal method name warnings
2016-01-02 Hannah von... Only link to ZLIB if it was found.
2016-01-02 Patrick von... Add support for Appvayor Windows ci.
2016-01-02 Michael MarleyFix migration of hashversion
2016-01-02 Michael MarleyUse SHA2-512 to store the core certificate digest in...
2016-01-02 Sai NaneFix ident race condition
2016-01-02 esainaneFix OIdentdConfigGenerator double-printing on ssl
2016-01-02 Weng XuetianFix SSL detection
2016-01-02 Raul Salinas... quasselcore: --add-user and --change-userpass now exit...
2016-01-02 Konstantin... Fixes a crash of the core when executing "/op *" in...
2016-01-02 Jan Alexander... Correct capitalization of networkid column name
2016-01-02 Petr BenaPerformance tweak: rem. pointless recursive calls
2016-01-02 Pierre SchweitzerDon't assign a default value to spacePos
2016-01-02 Pierre SchweitzerPass argument by reference in CliParserArg constructor
2016-01-02 Pierre SchweitzerUse prefix operators when possible for non-primitive...
2016-01-02 Andrew BrownWrite out warning when a user login fails
2016-01-02 Bas PapePreserve white-space in the input history.
2016-01-02 Bas PapeStore the channel keys in CoreNetwork again
2016-01-02 Bas PapeDisable checkbox if no DockManager is present
2016-01-02 Bas PapeRemove forward declarations in multilineedit.h
2016-01-02 Bas PapeRemove the tabcompletion space at end of text
2016-01-02 Petr BenaFixed english in ircchannel.cpp
2016-01-02 Petr BenaClean up
2016-01-02 Armin KFix build with Qt-5.5
2016-01-02 Michael MarleyKeep _wantReconnect set to true by default instead...
2016-01-02 Jason JoyceAdding tag file to the ignore list.
2016-01-02 DeizRespect WITH_WEBKIT when defining HAVE_WEBKIT
2016-01-02 Jason JoyceAdding the build folder to the ignore file.
2016-01-02 jjoyceAdding a gitignore file.
2016-01-02 jjoycePython PEP8 cleanup of macosx_makebundle.py
2016-01-02 jjoycePython PEP8 cleanup of macos_DeployApp.py
2016-01-02 Michael MarleyFix SQL errors caused by sender insertion from multiple...
2016-01-02 Daniel SchaalAdd cmdline options for SSL certificate/key paths.
2016-01-02 Alf GaidaFix read GIT_HEAD and GIT_DESCRIBE from environment
2016-01-02 Michael MarleyCall socketDisconnected() from socketStateChanged()
2015-04-23 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.12.2
2015-04-23 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2015-04-23 Manuel NickschasMove config file migration after QCoreApplication insta...
2015-04-23 Michael MarleyExecute initDbSession() on DB reconnects
2015-04-21 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.12.1
2015-04-21 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2015-04-21 Michael MarleySet the PostgreSQL session timezone to 'UTC'
2015-04-15 Manuel NickschasBump version for release 0.12.0