2008-06-08 Manuel NickschasAutogenerate version.gen - no more outdated versions!
2008-06-08 Manuel NickschasKeeping cmake-based version.gen generating in history
2008-06-07 Manuel NickschasIntroduce new format for version.inc.
2008-06-07 Manuel NickschasLook for OpenSSL.
2008-06-07 Manuel NickschasFix static building (on Linux at least).
2008-06-07 Manuel NickschasUhm, we should include FindQt4 only after setting ...
2008-06-06 Manuel NickschasAdd -DQT=/path/to/qt to select a non-system Qt4 install...
2008-06-06 Manuel NickschasSay hello (again) to CMake!
2008-06-05 Marcus EggenbergerQuassel now uses proper default messages for part,...
2008-06-05 Alexander von... beautified icon (16x16, ..., 256x256)
2008-06-04 Marcus EggenbergerSay hello to compression!
2008-06-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixed a bug that could crash the core on exit
2008-06-04 Marcus Eggenbergersome minor fixes:
2008-06-03 Manuel NickschasYeah, I know. I want this to get done though. And git...
2008-06-03 Manuel NickschasOne more little change to test the git workflow.
2008-06-03 Manuel NickschasMore git testing
2008-06-03 Manuel NickschasTesting CIA for git
2008-05-30 Manuel NickschasUpdate aboutdlg for new contributors
2008-05-30 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/new-icons with trunk
2008-05-30 Marcus EggenbergerMerging -r 859:865 branches/0.2/ with trunk
2008-05-27 Alexander von... #BR39 - long messages will now be divided in several...
2008-05-26 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r859 with trunk
2008-05-23 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r857 with trunk
2008-05-22 Manuel NickschasChatView now uses MessageFilter to display only message...
2008-05-22 Manuel NickschasSay hello to MessageFilter!
2008-05-22 Manuel NickschasQuassel now handles even huge ChatScenes without slowin...
2008-05-22 Manuel NickschasSome optimizations... QGraphicsScene has some weird...
2008-05-22 Manuel NickschasAdd -config profile to enable a gprof-capable build.
2008-05-22 Marcus EggenbergerMerging branches/0.2/@r849 with trunk
2008-05-21 Manuel NickschasMake BufferView compile
2008-05-21 Manuel NickschasHandle rowsInserted() and add new messages to the scene.
2008-05-20 Marcus Eggenbergermerging branches/0.2/0.2@r44 with trunk
2008-05-19 Manuel NickschasMake ChatLine/-Items and ChatScene honor ChatView width.
2008-05-19 Manuel NickschasRemove .gitignore for good. I hope.
2008-05-19 Manuel NickschasMerge branch 'master' of sputnick@git.quassel-irc.org...
2008-05-15 Manuel NickschasAdjust version.inc.
2008-05-15 Manuel NickschasMh, .gitignore shouldn't be in the repo. My fault.
2008-05-15 Manuel NickschasHave git ignore *~ files.
2008-05-13 Manuel NickschasChatline -> ChatLine
2008-05-13 Manuel NickschasSwitch some dirty hacking to using real infrastructure...
2008-05-13 Manuel NickschasResurrecting chatline.{cpp|h} from the dead.
2008-05-13 Manuel NickschasAllow static building on 64 bit platforms as well.
2008-05-13 Manuel NickschasFix stupid line break... I _hate_ wordwrap sometimes...
2008-05-13 Manuel NickschasUpdated docs for building static Qt/Quasselcore
2008-05-09 Manuel NickschasMoving branches/0.3 to trunk
2008-05-09 Manuel NickschasTagging quassel-0.2.0-beta1.
2008-05-09 Manuel NickschasTagging quassel-0.2.0-beta1.
2008-05-09 Manuel NickschasMerging r820:825 from trunk to branches/0.3
2008-05-09 Alexander von... bugfix #BR159 - context menu now opens/starts query...
2008-05-09 Alexander von... bugfix - qactions from the contextmenu will now be...
2008-05-08 Manuel Nickschasreadability++
2008-05-08 Manuel Nickschascode_duplication--
2008-05-08 Manuel NickschasMerging r812:820 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-08 Manuel NickschasMerging r812:820 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-08 Manuel Nickschasconsistency++
2008-05-08 Manuel NickschasStyleengine fix
2008-05-07 Manuel NickschasMake the new style engine compile and maybe even work...
2008-05-05 Marcus Eggenberger- It's now possible to select multiple buffers at once...
2008-05-05 Marcus EggenbergerMaking Quassel Core compile without SSL support
2008-05-05 Marcus Eggenbergermaking MSVC happy. Who would have thought that QMetaObj...
2008-05-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing crashes when removing buffers from a view
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasAdding missing #include
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasMerging -r804:811 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasFirst version of our new optimized style engine. Not...
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasPorting autoWHO fix (r809) from branches/0.3 to trunk.
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasFixing autoWHO.
2008-05-03 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing custom buffer views with minimum activity
2008-05-02 Marcus EggenbergerircServerHandler sanification
2008-05-02 Manuel NickschasMake debug builds possible again. Use qmake -config...
2008-05-01 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing the dock icon in mac os... (fixing doesn't mean...
2008-05-01 Manuel NickschasMerging r800:803 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-05-01 Marcus Eggenbergerperformance++
2008-05-01 Marcus Eggenbergernicklist_performance++
2008-04-30 Alexander von... windows buildsystem fix
2008-04-29 Manuel NickschasShow serverlist by default in the NetworksSettingsPage...
2008-04-29 Manuel NickschasMerging r780:797 from trunk to branches/0.3.
2008-04-29 Manuel NickschasMore WiP stuff for the MessageModel.
2008-04-29 Marcus EggenbergerDeactivating the nicklist autohide feature as the sizin...
2008-04-29 Marcus Eggenbergerbuffer_switching_performance++
2008-04-28 Marcus Eggenbergersane windows build config for non static builds
2008-04-27 Manuel Nickschasspelling++
2008-04-26 Manuel NickschasSPUTDEV compiles again, and the MessageModel now actual...
2008-04-25 Manuel NickschasMessage flags are now consistently used as Message...
2008-04-25 Manuel NickschasMake multi-line selections work correctly under X11.
2008-04-25 Manuel NickschasChecking in WiP on the MessageModel. More cleanly separ...
2008-04-24 Manuel NickschasPut some information about static builds in dev-notes...
2008-04-24 Manuel NickschasBuffer sorting works in 0.3.x again also. Somehow that...
2008-04-24 Manuel NickschasMerging r780:786 from trunk to branches/0.3. Plus some...
2008-04-21 Marcus Eggenbergeractive and inactive networks are now expanded and colla...
2008-04-21 Marcus Eggenbergermake quassel compile with Qt4.3 again... *ooops*
2008-04-21 Alexander von... display channelname in windowtitle
2008-04-20 Marcus Eggenbergerlayout fixes
2008-04-19 Manuel Nickschasmessagemodel.[h|cpp]++
2008-04-18 Manuel Nickschass,--sputdev,--debug,g
2008-04-18 Manuel NickschasMake branches/0.3 compile again for mere mortals. Shoul...
2008-04-18 Manuel NickschasMerging r774:778 from trunk into branches/0.3. Forwardp...
2008-04-18 Marcus Eggenbergeraccidentaly deactivated custom sorting... ooops
2008-04-18 Marcus Eggenbergernewly joined buffers are now selected properly
2008-04-18 Marcus Eggenbergercode cleanup
2008-04-18 Marcus Eggenbergerfixed bufferswitches when using different buffer views