2017-04-24 Shane Synancore: Add backlog trigger to update lastmsgid
2017-04-24 Shane Synancore: Separate SQL current and upgrade scripts
2017-04-24 romibiFix icon import to not lose channel icons in breeze
2017-04-13 Manuel Nickschasicons: Add missing dialog-warning icon
2017-04-13 Manuel Nickschasicons: Fix import script
2017-04-13 romibiUpdate Icons
2017-04-13 romibiSupport extra theme dependent icons via import-script
2017-04-13 romibiAdd new connect/disconnect hicolor icons
2017-04-13 romibiFix Icon fallback issue
2017-04-13 Christian SchwarzSave Core settings synchronously and report errors.
2017-04-13 Christian SchwarzAssert Settings backing store is writable if core is...
2017-04-13 Janne KoschinskiFix an issue in the .gitignore
2017-04-13 Janne KoschinskiUpdated gitignore to ignore files generated by JetBrain...
2017-04-13 György BallóFix handling systray notifications
2017-04-13 Shane SynanFix expanding networks in Chat Monitor settings
2017-04-13 Manuel Nickschascommon: Don't return a bool from main()
2017-04-13 Shane SynanShow timestamp format tooltips when core supports
2017-04-13 Shane SynanUse timestamp format for manual away, not restore
2017-04-13 Shane SynanHandle multiple timestamp formats, escape code
2017-04-13 Marcin JabrzykOptionally include timestamp when entering away
2017-04-13 Shane SynanClarify settings migration logic comments
2017-04-13 Shane SynanSort sql.qrc when generating, emphasize script
2017-04-12 Shane SynanFix SASL appearing active when Use SASL unchecked
2017-04-12 Shane SynanUse label and Details button, check if connected
2017-04-12 Shane SynanEncourage SASL over NickServ when server supports
2017-04-12 Shane SynanHide the SASL EXTERNAL notice while loading
2017-04-12 Shane SynanAdd capAvailable to Network akin to capEnabled
2017-04-12 Shane SynanMove SASL maybeSupports into Network class
2017-04-12 Shane SynanNew default sender colors!
2017-04-12 Shane SynanDetect and label changes from ourself
2017-04-12 Shane SynanUse new nick for finding hash of Nick messages
2017-04-12 Shane SynanOptionally color nicknames in all messages
2017-04-12 Shane SynanSwitch sender colors to use color palette
2017-04-12 Shane SynanAllow palette names with digits 0-9
2017-04-12 Shane SynanOptionally use system locale for chat timestamp
2017-04-12 Shane SynanChange ChannelMsg default to match system default
2017-04-12 Shane SynanMake ErrorMsg color distinct from ServerMsg
2017-04-12 Shane SynanChange CommandMsg color from purple to gray
2017-04-12 Jonathan RiddellSwitch from kdelibs4 sounds to Plasma 5 sound files
2017-03-15 Marcus EggenbergerMerge pull request #277 from mamarley/psqlleast
2017-03-09 Michael MarleyFix lastseenmsgid updates in PostgreSQL 277/head
2017-03-06 Marcus EggenbergerMerge pull request #276 from digitalcircuit/fix-sql...
2017-03-05 Shane Synancore: Fix Postgres messagesNewerThan wrong buffer 276/head
2017-03-05 Marcus EggenbergerMerge pull request #274 from digitalcircuit/fix-sql...
2017-03-05 Shane SynanFix SQLite buffer setup, fix PostgreSQL migration 274/head
2017-03-05 Shane SynanAdd lastmsgid limit on fetching backlog to SQLite
2017-03-05 Shane SynanUnify SQL filenames, sort sql.qrc
2017-03-05 Shane SynanAdd documentation, clean up whitespace
2017-03-04 Marcus EggenbergerMerge pull request #273 from ReimuHakurei/master
2017-03-04 Alex IngramPort the previous PostgreSQL improvements to SQLite3. 273/head
2017-03-03 Alex IngramPostgreSQL: Improve performance and squish bug.
2017-03-03 Alex IngramImprove PostgreSQL performance for unread message fetch...
2017-03-03 Alex IngramImprove performance of PostgreSQL for large databases.
2017-01-02 Shane SynanSplit messages on newlines as per IRC protocol
2016-12-25 Willem Jan... Make reloadCerts also handle the IPv6 server
2016-12-25 Hannah von... Do a full install by default
2016-11-28 Daniel AlbersFix AppVeyor Chocolatey failures by retrying
2016-11-28 Shane SynanFix typo Chocolately -> Chocolatey 265/head
2016-11-28 Shane SynanRetry Chocolatey install to workaround failures
2016-10-13 Shane SynanFix hang for single result search after others
2016-10-13 Shane SynanRe-add execute permissions to bundled inxi
2016-10-13 Shane SynanFix CoreNetwork::updateRateLimiting comments
2016-10-13 Shane SynanHide AutoWHO for nicks without IrcUser objects
2016-10-13 Martin T. H... Disable high DPI scaling on anything but Windows
2016-10-13 Shane SynanEnable per-chat history, line wrap by default
2016-10-13 Shane SynanKeep old clients from removing message rate delay
2016-10-13 Ben RosserDefault to sqlite backend in core creation wizard
2016-10-08 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Add settings page for DCC configuration dcc
2016-10-07 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Add persistent settings for core-side DCC
2016-10-07 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Clean up TransferManager a bit
2016-10-06 Manuel Nickschascommon: Work around SFINAE issues in MSVC
2016-10-05 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Name TransferManager object for syncing
2016-10-04 Manuel Nickschascommon: Remove unused Exception type
2016-10-04 Manuel Nickschascommon: Add generic stream operators for enum types
2016-10-03 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Retrieve transfer list on TransferManager change
2016-09-29 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Always clean up if a transfer completed or failed
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Properly sync TransferManager
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Only show file receive dialog for new transfers
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Protect DCC file transfer support by a feature...
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Add rudimentary view for file transfers
2016-09-28 Manuel Nickschasdcc: Introduce TransferModel for DCC file transfers
2016-09-27 Manuel NickschasUse override in a few more places to avoid compiler...
2016-09-27 Manuel NickschasAvoid deprecation warnings with Qt 5.7
2016-09-20 Michael MarleyFix my AboutData entry
2016-09-20 Manuel NickschasUpdate ThanksTo in the AboutDlg
2016-09-19 Bernhard ScheirleUpdates old links/urls in the about dialog
2016-09-19 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2016-09-19 Manuel NickschasUpdate AboutData
2016-09-14 Hannah von... Use Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps
2016-09-14 Michael MarleyBuild with Qt5 by default
2016-09-14 Shane SynanUse case-insensitive match for buffer search
2016-09-14 romibiEnable Nick Toolbar
2016-09-14 Bernhard ScheirleOnly load the `EnableSpellCheck` setting for KDE4 users.
2016-09-14 Bernhard ScheirlePrevent the spelling highlighter from disabling itself
2016-09-14 A. V. LukyanovFix multiline textedit not expanding on OS X
2016-09-14 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X restore from both dock and tray
2016-09-14 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X restore from dock
2016-09-14 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X allow minimize on close
2016-09-14 Shane SynanQueryBufferItem disconnect IrcUser when removing
2016-09-14 Shane SynanShow IRC server error messages when unexpected