2018-04-23 Michael MarleyReject clients that attempt to login before the core...
2018-04-23 Janne KoschinskiImplement custom deserializer to add our own sanity...
2018-04-12 Manuel Nickschasuisupport: Forcefully disable horizontal scrollbar...
2018-04-10 Manuel Nickschascmake: Add exception handling support to MSVC compile...
2018-04-10 Manuel NickschasSemi-yearly copyright bump
2018-04-09 romibiPackage Mac Style plugin (for Qt 5.10+)
2018-04-06 Manuel NickschasDon't terminate the core due to backend issues while...
2018-04-06 Michael MarleyPostgreSqlStorage: Fix apparently-incorrect index in...
2018-04-06 Michael MarleySslServer: Add support for Elliptic Curve keys
2018-04-06 phuzionChange HTTP links to HTTPS for quassel-irc.org and...
2018-04-06 Manuel Nickschasqa: Replace [[fallthrough]] by [[clang::fallthrough]]
2018-04-06 Daniel SilverstoneCorrect issue where messages were over-trimmed
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschasqtui: Avoid bogus tr() context warning
2018-04-04 Hannah von... Use craft on appveyor
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschasuisupport: Also fix doubleclick in nick views
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschasuisupport: Join channels on doubleclick on all but...
2018-04-04 romibiPackage bearer plugin on OSX
2018-04-04 romibiFix OSX compile and deploy
2018-04-04 Albert Score: connectToIrc: Add clarifying comment on DNS lookups
2018-04-04 Albert Score: connectToIrc: Prevent DNS leaks on connection...
2018-04-04 Daniel AlbersExplicitly disable printing signatures when running git
2018-04-04 Adriaan de... Only install the application icon if the client is...
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschasqa: Add [[fallthrough]] annotations where appropriate
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschascmake: Output build type information; add policy
2018-04-04 Daniel Albers Update translations from Transifex
2018-04-04 genius3000core: connectToIrc: Pick first IRC server specified...
2018-04-04 esainanePoint to github in Core Info
2018-04-04 Janne KoschinskiFix an issue in the .gitignore
2018-04-04 Janne KoschinskiUpdated gitignore to ignore files generated by JetBrain...
2018-04-04 György BallóFix handling systray notifications
2018-04-04 Shane SynanFix expanding networks in Chat Monitor settings
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschascommon: Don't return a bool from main()
2018-04-04 Shane SynanSplit messages on newlines as per IRC protocol
2018-04-04 Willem Jan... Make reloadCerts also handle the IPv6 server
2018-04-04 Hannah von... Do a full install by default
2018-04-04 Shane SynanFix typo Chocolately -> Chocolatey
2018-04-04 Shane SynanRetry Chocolatey install to workaround failures
2018-04-04 Shane SynanFix hang for single result search after others
2018-04-04 Shane SynanRe-add execute permissions to bundled inxi
2018-04-04 Martin T. H... Disable high DPI scaling on anything but Windows
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschascommon: Work around SFINAE issues in MSVC
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschascommon: Remove unused Exception type
2018-04-04 Manuel Nickschascommon: Add generic stream operators for enum types
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasUse override in a few more places to avoid compiler...
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasAvoid deprecation warnings with Qt 5.7
2018-04-04 Michael MarleyFix my AboutData entry
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasUpdate ThanksTo in the AboutDlg
2018-04-04 Bernhard ScheirleUpdates old links/urls in the about dialog
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasUpdate ChangeLog
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasUpdate AboutData
2018-04-04 Hannah von... Use Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps
2018-04-04 Bernhard ScheirleOnly load the `EnableSpellCheck` setting for KDE4 users.
2018-04-04 Bernhard ScheirlePrevent the spelling highlighter from disabling itself
2018-04-04 A. V. LukyanovFix multiline textedit not expanding on OS X
2018-04-04 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X restore from both dock and tray
2018-04-04 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X restore from dock
2018-04-04 A. V. LukyanovOn OS X allow minimize on close
2018-04-04 Shane SynanQueryBufferItem disconnect IrcUser when removing
2018-04-04 Shane SynanShow IRC server error messages when unexpected
2018-04-04 Shane SynanFix disconnected networks not collapsing on login
2018-04-04 Hannah von... Use Qt5.7 for appveyor.
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasRemove CoreInfo from the ClientRegistered handshake...
2018-04-04 ChristianSnapcraft packaging for quasselcore
2018-04-04 Manuel NickschasUpdate INSTALL for WebEngine/WebKit
2018-04-04 romibiAdapt macosx_makePackage.sh for svg icon support
2018-04-04 romibiEnable Breeze on Appveyor
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAdd spacers to Chat & Nick Lists settings page
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAdd horizontal spacer to Appearance settings page
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAuto-resize Settings to fit wide widgets
2018-02-28 romibiEnable Qt's high-DPI scaling introduced in Qt5.6
2018-02-28 romibiFix cmd+Q invalidating the layout somehow
2018-02-28 romibiFix Mac Deploy scripts for newer Xcode and git
2018-02-28 romibiEnable OSX dmg deployment on Travis
2018-02-28 Martin T. H... Disable webkit by default
2018-02-28 Michael MarleyProperly handle 0 seconds in secondsToString()
2018-02-28 selabnayrAllow client-side channel buffer merges, and associated...
2018-02-28 selabnayrAllow core-side channel buffer merges
2018-02-28 Rolf Eike BeerSimplify CMake code
2018-02-28 Hannah von... Don't redefine activated signal.
2018-02-28 Hannah von... Only register deregister quassel with snore if it wasn...
2018-02-28 Ben RosserAdd AppData metadata for quassel, quasselclient.
2018-02-28 Shane SynanReload SSL certificates on signal SIGHUP
2018-02-28 Shane SynanDisconnect CoreSession _networks before delete
2018-02-28 Shane SynanProcess events when destroying CoreNetwork
2018-02-28 Shane SynanDon't log socket error when disconnecting
2018-02-28 romibiFix crash if topic has a CarriageReturn
2018-02-28 Shane SynanFix maybe-uninitialized compile warning
2018-02-28 Hannah von... Fix a crash with MSVC debug builds.
2018-02-28 Hannah von... Disable dbus on Windows.
2018-02-28 Shane SynanStrip format codes when checking for highlights
2018-02-28 romibiModify Mac Deploy-Script for QtWebEngine
2018-02-28 romibiUpdate Appveyor Script to use QtWebEngine
2018-02-28 romibiFix WebPreview not updating when using QtWebEngine
2018-02-28 romibiUse QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit if available
2018-02-28 Shane SynanFancify README with Markdown, build status, links
2018-02-28 Michael MarleyUpdate inxi to version 2.3.0
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAllow prioritizing QUIT over other commands
2018-02-28 Shane SynanAdd command queue prepend, prioritize PING/PONG
2018-02-28 Martin T. H... Create a custom popup menu for mainwindow, add menubar...
2018-02-28 Daniel AlbersSlightly reorder travis config