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[quassel.git] / src / uisupport / settingspage.h
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasFix ALL the license headers!
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasReformat ALL the source!
2009-12-01 Manuel NickschasRefactorize settingspages a bit
2009-07-21 Manuel NickschasAllow custom saving/loading of SettingsPage autowidgets
2009-02-28 Manuel NickschasAllow QGroupBox for auto widget handling in settingspages
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasYearly copyright bump :)
2009-01-04 Manuel NickschasIntroduce automagic child widget handling in SettingsPage
2008-11-29 Marcus Eggenbergermaking the requester type configurable
2008-11-13 Marcus Eggenbergeradding new settings for proper message redirection
2008-07-22 Marcus Eggenbergerjussi01: can you spell aliases?
2008-01-24 Manuel NickschasMake SettingsPages a little bit clearer to use.
2008-01-09 Manuel NickschasFinally! The new identities plus a nice shiny settingsp...
2008-01-07 Manuel NickschasCommitting a lot of identity stuff which is still disabled.
2008-01-05 Manuel NickschasFix license headers: Quassel IRC Team -> Quassel Projec...
2007-12-26 Manuel NickschasSay hello to the first settings page in our shiny new...
2007-12-17 Manuel NickschasCommit some preliminary work on the settingspage stuff.