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[quassel.git] / src / qtui / mainwin.h
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #1 from sandsmark/master
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #5 from Tucos/feat-keyx
2013-02-19 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #2 from sandsmark/wii
2013-01-27 Manuel NickschasYearly bump
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasFix ALL the license headers!
2012-05-25 Manuel NickschasReformat ALL the source!
2012-02-14 Chris Le SueurAdd a shortcut for hiding current buffer.
2010-08-10 Johannes Huberintroduce fullscreen mode, fixes #803
2010-08-05 Manuel NickschasAdd rudimentary keyboard navigation for previous/next...
2010-08-05 Manuel NickschasSave/restore active bufferview
2010-08-05 Manuel NickschasIntroduce the concept of an "active" bufferview
2010-05-31 Manuel NickschasKill JumpKeyHandler and replace it by proper action...
2010-05-31 Manuel NickschasAllow configuration of shortcuts for platforms other...
2010-02-14 Manuel NickschasImprove systray activation behavior; more refactoring
2010-02-09 Manuel NickschasSystemTray refactoring in preparation of supporting...
2010-01-29 Dirk Rettschlagfixed focus when switching to plain topic view
2010-01-29 Dirk Rettschlagfixed focus when closing ChatViewSearchbar
2010-01-17 Manuel NickschasAllow compilation without QSystemTrayIcon
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasReenable CoreConfigWizard
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasImprove error message display
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasDisplay lag and SSL status in CoreConnectionStatusWidget
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasMake SSL work again for CoreConnection
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasImplement user authentication for core login
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasResurrect CoreConnectDlg
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasAdd a new statusbar widget for displaying CoreConnectio...
2009-11-28 Manuel NickschasKill CoreConnectDlg, kill it with fire!
2009-11-18 Manuel NickschasFix initial backlock fetch with >= qt-4.6.0-rc1
2009-09-13 Sebastian GothProvide a contextmenu for the ignore list
2009-09-10 Manuel NickschasClose notifications on buffer switch rather than activa...
2009-08-27 Manuel NickschasMake menubar hideable
2009-07-14 Manuel NickschasImprove MainWindow state save/restore
2009-05-26 Manuel NickschasMore windowstate-related changes
2009-05-21 Marcus EggenbergerAlt-A
2009-05-13 Manuel NickschasProperly save and restore the mainwindow state
2009-05-12 Manuel NickschasMake SessionSettings derive from UiSettings
2009-04-27 Manuel NickschasSystray icon improvements
2009-03-24 Marcus EggenbergerMerge branch 'bufferviewoverlay'
2009-03-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfirst working BufferViewOverlay
2009-02-14 Manuel NickschasUse SystemTray in MainWin and notification backends
2009-02-10 Marcus EggenbergerLock Dock Positions has been replaced by Lock Layout
2009-02-08 Manuel NickschasAdd menu entry for toggleing toolbars
2009-02-08 Manuel NickschasRename Network toolbar to Main toolbar
2009-02-06 Manuel NickschasAdd toolbar support to the MainWin.
2009-02-05 Marcus EggenbergerFixes #410 - away log (you'll find it in the views...
2009-01-20 Marcus Eggenbergermaybe clicking the tray icon toggles minimize to tray...
2009-01-20 Marcus EggenbergerThis could / should / oh well you know the drill.....
2009-01-14 Marcus Eggenbergerfixes #484 - issues with ssl status indicator
2009-01-12 Manuel NickschasYearly copyright bump :)
2009-01-11 Marcus Eggenbergerproperly resetting core lag on disconnect
2009-01-11 Manuel NickschasRevert "Properly focus BufferView on first click"
2009-01-11 Manuel NickschasInputLine now regains focus on keypress
2009-01-11 Manuel NickschasProperly focus BufferView on first click
2009-01-05 Marcus EggenbergerAll Buffers is dead! Long live All buffers!
2009-01-04 Marcus EggenbergerThe Monolithic build behaves now like a regular IRC...
2009-01-04 Marcus EggenbergerRemoving core related items from menu and statusbar
2009-01-03 Sebastian GothFix menu names according to seele's review p.16
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasAdd shortcuts edit dialog for KDEified Quassel
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasProvide "Configure Notifications..." menu entry, to...
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasAdd "About KDE" to help menu
2008-12-26 Manuel NickschasUse KCmdLineArgs, KApplication and KMainWindow
2008-11-20 Manuel NickschasAdd accessor for the All Buffers view to MainWin
2008-11-04 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing dupe messages
2008-10-30 Marcus EggenbergerImproved debuging:
2008-10-27 Marcus Eggenbergerbetter abstraction of BacklogRequester to support diffe...
2008-10-17 Manuel NickschasAction pimping, MainWin cleansing, deuification
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasMoar cleanups
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasRemoving deprecated notification cruft from MainWin
2008-10-12 Manuel NickschasAdd SystrayNotificationBackend (untested yet and still...
2008-09-27 Manuel NickschasMake app icon larger again
2008-09-26 Manuel NickschasMore build system tweaking, plus making icons work
2008-09-20 Manuel NickschasTest our newly acquired shortcut capabilities by finall...
2008-08-25 Marcus EggenbergerFinishing my personal crusade against Buffer.
2008-08-13 Jonas Heeseadded session management
2008-08-12 Marcus EggenbergerContinuing my personal crusade against Buffer.
2008-08-11 Marcus Eggenbergerfixes, cleanup and other improvements... Now I know...
2008-08-07 Manuel NickschasAdd MessageProcessor progress widget to MainWin's statu...
2008-08-04 Manuel NickschasNotifications use MessageModel now (making them work...
2008-07-27 Marcus Eggenbergeradded debug helper for the networkmodel
2008-07-22 Manuel NickschasRemove unneeded attributes that somehow have crept...
2008-07-22 Manuel NickschasRevert "Work around MOC ignoring -D options by having...
2008-07-22 Manuel NickschasWork around MOC ignoring -D options by having dummy...
2008-07-22 Manuel NickschasMake QtDBus optional (i.e. compile even if no dbus...
2008-07-22 Dennis SchriddeImproved support for org.freedesktop.Notifications.
2008-07-22 Dennis SchriddeIntial support for the org.freedesktop.Notifications...
2008-07-21 Marcus Eggenbergeradding server lag indicator to the network tooltip
2008-07-21 Marcus EggenbergerAdded a core lag indicator to the statusbar
2008-07-16 Marcus Eggenbergerfirst version of core info dialog
2008-07-06 Marcus Eggenbergermore cleanup (internal handling of network actions)
2008-07-06 Marcus Eggenbergercleaning up a bit (views menu and mainwin.cpp)
2008-07-05 Marcus Eggenbergeryou can now lock the positions of the docks (inputline...
2008-06-23 Marcus EggenbergerImplemented a channel browser (BR #176).
2008-05-09 Manuel NickschasMoving branches/0.3 to trunk
2008-05-03 Manuel NickschasFirst version of our new optimized style engine. Not...
2008-04-24 Manuel NickschasMerging r780:786 from trunk to branches/0.3. Plus some...
2008-04-21 Alexander von Rentelndisplay channelname in windowtitle
2008-04-14 Manuel NickschasMerging r732:745 from trunk into branches/0.3. Forwardp...
2008-04-14 Manuel NickschasSave mainwindow state without segfaulting occasionally...
2008-04-14 Marcus Eggenbergerfixing layout issues
2008-04-13 Manuel NickschasMerging r730:732 from trunk to branches/0.3. Forwardpor...
2008-04-13 Marcus EggenbergerIntroducing the all-new all-fancy bufferviews.