Fixed crash when joining new channels
[quassel.git] / src / client / treemodel.cpp
2007-10-19 Benjamin Zellermake quassel compile on msvc
2007-08-19 Marcus Eggenbergersome minor code purdifications :)
2007-08-15 Marcus EggenbergerFixing the Bug where a clear of the BufferTreeModel...
2007-08-01 Manuel NickschasOK Folks, my first commit after quite a while, and...
2007-07-27 Marcus EggenbergerAller guten Dinge sind drei! (please don't ask any...
2007-07-27 Marcus Eggenbergernext try *lol*
2007-07-25 Marcus Eggenbergertreemodels can now be cleared
2007-06-20 Marcus Eggenbergerforgot to add 6 files... -.-