Make CTCP PING report the correct millisecond round-trip time
[quassel.git] / icons / oxygen_kde.qrc
2012-02-20 Manuel NickschasBump bundled oxygen icons
2010-08-16 Manuel NickschasBump Oxygen icons and add missing ones
2010-08-10 Johannes Huberintroduce fullscreen mode, fixes #803
2010-06-01 Manuel NickschasAdd missing icons
2010-03-03 Manuel NickschasSync Oxygen icons
2010-02-14 Dirk Rettschlagadded missing icons
2010-02-14 Dirk Rettschlagfirst version of richtext support for input widget...
2009-12-29 Manuel NickschasSync bundled Oxygen icons with upstream, remove unneeded
2009-08-31 Manuel NickschasMake installing Oxygen icons optional