cmake: avoid de-duplication of user's CXXFLAGS
[quassel.git] / icons / import / blacklisted-icons
2018-06-15 Manuel Nickschasicons: Adapt and improve icon import script
2017-04-13 romibiSupport extra theme dependent icons via import-script
2016-09-07 romibiFix Icon Theme Import Script
2015-02-07 Manuel NickschasMerge pull request #97 from Bombe/focus-host-input
2014-10-25 Manuel NickschasRework how icons are handled in the build system
2012-02-20 Manuel NickschasRename the icons for inactive and alerted to conform...
2010-06-01 Manuel NickschasAdd missing icons
2010-02-09 Manuel NickschasAdd tray icon for highlight; move tray icons to hicolor
2009-02-15 Manuel NickschasDeuglify channel state icons
2009-02-14 Manuel NickschasChange bufferview icons
2009-01-31 Manuel NickschasBump included Oxygen theme to KDE's r917170
2009-01-31 Manuel NickschasAdd a script and skeleton directory for importing icons...