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[quassel.git] / appveyor.yml
2018-02-28 Hannah von RethDisable dbus on Windows.
2018-02-28 romibiUpdate Appveyor Script to use QtWebEngine
2018-02-28 Hannah von RethUse Qt 5.6 and msvc2015 (#197)
2016-05-05 romibiAdd some more needed DLL's for Link-Preview support
2016-04-24 romibiEnable Link-Preview on appveyor builds
2016-02-08 Hannah von RethFix build with snorenotify 0.7
2016-02-08 Hannah von RethFix msvc x64 build and openssl for msc.
2016-01-02 Patrick von RethAdd support for Appvayor Windows ci.